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Rescue Dog (& Her Human!) Break Guinness Record For Longest Electric Bike Trip

by Amy Drew

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Mike Minnick and his dog, Bixby broke a world record with their biking adventures. Photo: NBC7


Mike Minnick and his rescue dog, Bixby, have pedaled more than 14,000 miles together — all of it on an electric bike — tripling the previous Guinness World Record for longest electric bike trip.

In fact, you may have read about Minnick and his bike adventures in the past. Back in 2015, he and 15-pound Bixby were 9,300 miles into a nationwide cycling trip while advocating for pet adoption when their bicycle was stolen in Mission Beach, CA.

In the time since, they’ve been traveling while promoting local animal shelters.

When his special Yuba Mundo cargo bike was stolen, many other things — Bixby’s crate and toys, his iPod and GoPro and lights — were taken along with. It prompted a forced hold on his “Hug Your Dog” journey so he could re-supply, raising more than $16,000.

He credits many of the citizens of San Diego for their support.

“San Diego reached out to me in a way that was really humbling. I mean people offered us places to stay, a complete stranger offered me their car,” Minnick told reporters for the city’s NBC affiliate.

Locals also kept an eye out for the stolen bike and eventually were able to get it returned to him.

“I mean people came from everywhere and made sure that we didn’t go without, that we were taken care of. And they took care of us in a really real way,” said Minnick.

The pair will now head north to wrap up their world record. In the future, Minnick says another bike tour to raise money for animal shelters is on the horizon. Check out their Where’s Bixby? page for details on their pro-rescue mission!

This 2014 video showcases Minnick and Bixby in Texas: