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Stryker’s Pose! Southern Hound Chillaxes On His Freedom Ride North

by Amy Drew

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Could he be any more chill? Stryker settled in quite comfortably once sprung from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. Photo: All Breed Rescue Vermont


Get a load of this guy!

All Breed Rescue Vermont does a fine job of helping high-volume shelters in the South spring their residents into loving forever homes up North. Stryker is the latest in a long line of some 6,000 happy success stories. And he couldn’t be more chill about it.

This beautiful 10-month-old bluetick coonhound somehow ended up as a stray, The Dodo reported. And he ended up in a high-kill shelter in Union County, SC. Staffers there predicted someone would surely come for him, but no one did.

Those adorable floppy ears and “sad” hound face got him just the right amount of attention, though, when Mia, a board member with the Vermont-based rescue saw his picture online. “I just loved his ears!” she told The Dodo.

The rescue decided to take Stryker’s case. Plans were made for a car ride up to the northeast where someone will surely fall in love and bring him home. None of his rescuers knew how he’d handle a car trip, but that’s when a little more of the hound’s charming personality began to shine through.

Once in the car, he tucked in his hind legs, leaned his back against the seat and hiked a paw up on the arm rest.

“I sent a message to my contact down South asking her how he rode, and she sent me that picture back,” Mia said. “We were cracking up! What a funny guy.”

“Stryker is feeling fine on his freedom ride,” the group posted this week. “We love him already.”

If you are interested in adopting Stryker, you can fill out an application. You can also donate to All Breed Rescue Vermont to help them save more dogs in need.