Rescue dog saves woman from late night attack

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It was late when she got home, and when the door opened the dog bolted out the door.  His owner went after him, careful to stay near the road but a man jumped out of the bushes and attacked her, dragging her to the ground and beating her.  Then suddenly her dog was there, leaping on to the attackers back and dragging him off of his owner, potentially saving her life.

It all happened in in Jellie Park, Burnside (Christchurch, NZ) at about 2 am Sunday night.  The 19 year old victim got the 13-month-old german-shepherd-greyhound-border-collie cross just 2 months ago and he has not left her side since the attack.  She credits with him with saving her life saying, “I could hear him growling. I didn’t look back. I ran straight to the road.  I don’t think I’d be here if [he] didn’t do that.”

She did suffer some injuries from the attack and is quite traumatized but is also very grateful that her loyal dog saved her.   Since the attacker was in the bushes, it seems he was just waiting for someone to come along.  “I see people cut through [the park] all the time. If it wasn’t me, it would have been some girl without a dog.”

Though the man did get away she is confident that police will find and arrest him and he is being described as a male European with dark facial stubble.  Dogs have an amazing sense for danger and this dog’s loyalty may have saved the life of the woman who saved his life.  Both of them will surely be forever grateful to have each other.

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