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Starved for 3 weeks, Queenie is making a recovery


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In a despicable act of cruelty a dog was starved very nearly to her death in Sayville, New York.  Queenie is a Cane Corso who was evidently locked in a room with no food or water for 3 weeks.  If she had not been discovered she may have been dead within hours says veterinarian Mark Caporaso of Grady Animal Hospital.

“In my 20 years of practice she’s the worst I’ve seen alive and in person and she’s now gone into renal failure kidney failure from being starved,” said Dr.  Caporaso.   Queenie was discovered by her owner’s estranged wife when she came to the home to pick up some things. She immediately called the animal rescue group Guardians of Rescue who came to Queenie’s aid, sparing her from certain death.

“She was lifeless she was totally lifeless she had given up hope,” said Robert Misseri of the rescue group.  Queenie is now responding well to treatment says Dr. Caporaso, though he is still very concerned because she is in renal failure due to her starvation.  However she is able to walk around, eat, and respond to people now which is an incredible improvement from just 2 days ago. Queenie had lost half of her body weight and was very literally skin and bones.

The Suffolk SPCA is investigating whether charges should be filed against the owner.  “We need to get all our facts and figure out the circumstances that led the dog to be left in this condition,” said Paul Liobell, with Suffolk SPCA.  In the meantime Queenie is getting round the clock care and love which she has been without for some time and many people are pulling for her to survive.