Rescue Dogs Rescuing People

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A new 11 minute video tells the story of the Bakersfield, California area rescue organization Marley’s Mutts and gives an overview of the ways their rescued dogs help out in the community.

Marley’s Mutts founder Zach Skow talks about the group’s dedication to the core principle of “rescue dogs rescuing people” in Kern County.

Kern County earned a notorious reputation over the years for pet mistreatment and abandonment – for both dogs and cats, as well as other creatures – and for a populace largely uninterested in spay and neuter efforts.

Several organizations and individuals are trying to bring positive change to the area and have had a good amount of success. Marley’s Mutts is one such group, and their mission to integrate dogs into area community services is helping to change attitudes as it changes lives.

The video also features several rescue stories of dogs whose lives have been saved and greatly improved.

5 thoughts on “Rescue Dogs Rescuing People”

  1. Wonderful idea! My female bulldog saved my life and my marriage. My husband and I were headed for divorce, we got Willow because we were so depressed about our marriage ending. She came home and made a horrible tense filled home into a WONDERFUL happy home. We immediately felt the mood in the home change, within weeks we were walking her holding hands and actually talking and listening to each other. 2.5 years later I searched Petfinder just to look at dogs. After watching Pit Bulls & Patrollees so much and feeling so helpless just donating, I saw him. Our adopted rescue bulldog/mastiff mix named Travis. It was love at first sight 4 years later and the 4 of us are a big happy family. Dogs do rescue us!

  2. So sad to think people are so cruel to all 4 legged babies. God bless all the crew for what you have done helping these babies. God bless these babies.


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