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Firefighters Rescue Service Dog and Owner from River

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Dan Lassiter
Photo Credit: Dan Lassiter

On October 2, 2014, firefighters from Janesville, Wis., came to the aid of 66-year-old Sam Guelzow and his seeing-eye dog after both of them fell into the Janesville River.

Guelzow and his black Labrador service dog ended in the river after they fell over a dividing wall. Luckily for them, a city bus driver across the river spotted them and called 911.

The blind man told Gazette Extra that he felt the ledge at the top of the wall and thought it was a step. He stepped up, lost his balance, fell and pulled his dog in with him.

Fortunately, the water was very shallow, both, blind man and service dog, were able to stand up next to the wall and wait for help. Guelzow suffered some minor cuts and bruises and his dog didn’t suffer any injuries.

Janesville Fire Department was dispatched and the hero rescuers used a ladder to bring the blind man and his dog back to dry land.

According to Lt. Chris Lukas of the Janesville Fire Department, the tall wall prevented Guelzow from climbing out, but thanks to the ladder, Guelzow was able to climb out. The service dog needed firefighters to carry him out of the river.