Rescue Organization Helps Save Three-Day-Old Puppies Who Were Being Sold Online

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When Panda Paws Rescue was informed about a Craigslist ad selling three-day-old pit bull puppies they didn’t hesitate to act. Panda Paws Rescue founder Amanda Giese obtained as much information as she could and then contacted authorities in Fontana, California who came to the aid of the puppies and her mother.

A 24-year-old woman posted an ad offering for sale 3-day-old pit bull puppies. When Panda Paws found out about it they were horrified. Although located in a different state, the rescue didn’t hesitate to help. Knowing the puppies lives were at risk Giese worked to obtain proof of what was happening. As soon as she had confirmation that the ad was real, she contacted the Fontana Police Department for help.

Officer Jamie Simmons with the Fontana Police Department went into immediate action. Officer Simmons removed six puppies and their mother from the woman’s custody by Tuesday night. Officer Simmons placed the puppies and mother in medical care with a local veterinary clinic. A seventh puppy was sold on Monday, and its location is unknown.

The puppies and mother are currently in foster care once they are able to be safely transported they will be taken to Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, Washington. Wings of Rescue will be helping to fly the dogs to Washington. The puppies will be available for adoption once they are over 8 weeks old, vaccinated, microchipped and altered.

The woman who was selling the puppies is facing numerous charges. The investigation is ongoing and more details about the rescue are not yet released.

8 thoughts on “Rescue Organization Helps Save Three-Day-Old Puppies Who Were Being Sold Online”

  1. Awesome job Amanda Giese!!! Thanks for doing something about it!! I really want to beat this owner senseless!!

  2. Praying that whoever bought the puppy comes to their senses and returns the puppy so that it may live. The odds are not good otherwise. We have so many stupid people in this world!
    I hope this ‘woman’ doesn’t have children for many reasons.

  3. From what I understand in that part of the country it is illeagal to own an unaltered pitbull over four months old and also illegal to sell puppies before 8 weeks old.

  4. What a heartbreaking story this is I pray to God they find the seventh puppy before it’s too late maybe check the woman’s computer and track down who she last spoke to on craigslist they can surely find out who the dog went to if she won’t come forward with the information shame on her i pray that the seventh puppy is reunited with her mom just praying to God it’s okay please keep us informed on the status of this poor baby and I pray to God that the mother and the puppies end up in a stable loving home and get the life they deserve may they always have love and be needed wanted and cherished and have a family and never end up behind shelter walls or with an abusive family Or in the wrong hands of people that would do harm to them may God bless you and keep you all safe and out of harms way I pray that you’re always loved and taken care of God bless you all sending prayers and comfort and much love your way and praying for that seventh little puppy please reunite him with his mother…they need her despretley… And may this woman pay for her horrific and sick motive in selling 3 day old puppies And the person that popped this rebuild puppy is just as sick as she is shame shame this puppy won’t survive without it’s mother may justice prevail and may she never ever be allowed to have an animal and may she spend serious time behind bars shame on her she is disturbed and needs not to be in the society anyone That would sell 3 day old puppies I’m sorry there something wrong they’re very wrong in every sense mentally emotionally they’re sick!! She needs to get up for the seventh puppy was told to for that person needs to come forward otherwise they could face charges two that’s my feeling… It worries me sick to wonder where the seventh puppy is the poor thing probably won’t even stand a chance 🙁 My heart aches for this poor baby it needs to be with its mom not with some sicko.. Just why in the hell would you buy a three day old puppy seriously???? Are People really that ignorant don’t they know it’s important for these puppies to be with their mother at least till seven weeks old…what a bunch of sick crazies we have in this world seriously!! Please find #7 puppy please!!!!! Keep us informed on the were abouts and this case and mama and her beloved babies…

    • The 7th pup is in a snake’s tummy or already out the other side. WHich really pisses me off. So you can stop your useless praying. That is everyone’s answer to evderything. “I will pray for you, it, ect….Cop out if you ask me.


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