Rescue steps in to help save dog when family can’t afford to treat him

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Luke, a 10-month-old puppy, was struck by a car earlier this month. His owners couldn’t afford to treat Luke’s injuries and were planning to have him humanely euthanized. Then a local rescue group intervened to change Luke’s fate.

On Saturday, October 13th Luke escaped through the front door of his family’s Oklahoma City home when he saw another dog in their yard. Before his owners could get to him he was struck by a car. His owners rushed him to a veterinary clinic. Luke suffered severe lacerations to his hind legs, but Luke’s family could not afford the treatment Luke needed. They only were able to get his legs bandaged up at the time and pay for some pain medication. They took Luke home hoping they could raise the funds necessary. A week later when they still did not have the funds the family had to make the difficult decision to have him euthanized.

When Luke was brought to the shelter to be euthanized, Cailin Phillips and Stephanie Scheiern with Safe Haven Animal Rescue were there and wanted to help Luke. They contacted the Bella Foundation to see if they could help save Luke. The Bella Foundation works to assist low income, elderly or terminally ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when they can’t afford it. The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter agreed to release Luke to the Bella Foundation.

The Bella Foundation worked with one of their partner veterinarian clinics, the Animal Emergency Center of Oklahoma City, to arrange treatment for Luke through a Low Income Assistance Program. Luke is now receiving the necessary treatment. The Bella Foundation contacted Luke’s owners and gave them the wonderful news that Luke was not to be euthanized  and would return home to them in a few days.

The Bella Foundation said, “We are very happy to reunite this family. The Bella Foundation’s primary mission is to assist pet owners when they need it and this is a perfect example of that mission. Luke’s family did not ask for help but we knew giving it was the right thing to do. There are already too many animals in shelters from people who do not want them, but Luke’s family did and now he gets to go home.”

19 thoughts on “Rescue steps in to help save dog when family can’t afford to treat him”

  1. My oh My oh MY! So many judgmental and quick to condemn other dog owners. People sitting at your keyboard so self righteously accusing another dog owning family for not having pet insurance? While yet another individual points out that medical bills are the biggest reason for bankruptcy in this country? All I can say to those who are quick to say that THEY would NEVER make a choice to euthanize a family pet? I hope that you self righteous people never have to learn what it is like to have to choose to have your beloved dog euthanized because you don’t have the resources to afford vet care. Bad things happen to good people and their dogs too. There but for the Grace of God goes any one of US having to face the same impossibly harsh decision because NO it is NOT true that there is “always a way, always funding for vet care if you look for it”. Generally in most cases, there IS NO outside source of funding to save a family pet. This family was extremely lucky to receive the generous gift of vet care for their dog. And who the hell are any of us to say that the family did or didn’t love their dog ENOUGH? If we all love dogs so much and are so appalled at the abuse, the neglect, the indifference of society towards animals? Then DO something to change the way animals are treated. Stop judging other dog owners and get out into the world to DO something other than spew criticism of another person or family that you don’t even know.

  2. OKAY time for a reality check for you that post your uninformed judgments. First – you do not know the whole story. Second – you think it is irresponsible not to have pet insurance? Have you ever read an actual pet insurance policy????? PET INSURANCE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION. I do not give a good god–mn what the glossy magazine ads say you need to realize that in an emergency situation you are required to pay UPFRONT usually IN CASH and then go, hat in hand, begging to the insurance company to reimburse you. There is not one single pet insurance company that operates on direct bill from a veterinarian. The pet parent pays and then tries to get reimbursement. SHEEPLE!!! These are insurance companies!!! They are not even regulated as much as human medical insurance companies and everyone likely knows or should know by now how THOSE work! Anyone who has ever had to deal with making an insurance claim has come up against that evil, predatory group of subhumans known as INSURANCE ADJUSTERS and they aren’t “adjusting” the claim in YOUR favor!!!

    Finally – cannot afford means CANNOT AFFORD. Most of you who post your hate judgments against the owners have never come across a single incredibly expensive veterinarian. Did you know that at the veterinarian professional conventions and conferences there are MORE clinics and seminars given on HOW TO INCREASE PROFITS than there are for updates on medical issues? (And that’s not limited to veterinarians but pretty much all health care providers for humans, too.)

    I was in a situation where my dog needed emergency treatment. I had lost my job when my employer’s company shut down because of the bad economy – the crash finished off my employer pretty fast. I had not been able to find a job (my county at that time had a nearly 22% unemployment rate – timber country) and my savings were dwindling rapidly and unemployment benefits in my area are paltry. Thank heaven a relative stepped up and loaned their credit card because the ER did the usual predatory veterinarian thing – AND TOLD ME THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE WAS EUTHANASIA. Most ERs and regular vets have figured out that emotional blackmail is a way to increase their profits and they are absolutely shameless about doing so.

    So before harshly and inappropriately judging these owners think about your own situation and how YOU would deal with an emergency because if you think it’s all rainbows and butterflies about how veterinarians conduct their business – and do not forget it IS “business” for them! – and if you think pet insurance is going to help you financially in an emergency, then you need to GO DO SOME HOMEWORK!


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