Rescued Bait Dog Found to Have No Tongue

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hoochWhen a stray French Mastiff named Hooch was rescued in California his rescuers had no idea just how badly he had been abused. The rescue organization Marley’s Mutts has seen lots of cases of horrible dog abuse but what they discovered about Hooch shocked them.

Zack Skow of Marley’s Mutts rescued Hooch and brought him to the San Joaquin Vet Hospital. They were trying to figure out what was wrong with Hooch’s jaw and why he was struggling to eat, so they took an x-ray of his mouth. That’s when they made the horrifying discovery, Hooch didn’t have a tongue.

“His mouth didn’t have a tongue,” said Thomas J. Willis of San Joaquin Vet Hospital. “Absolutely no tongue at all, not even a stump.”

In addition to having no tongue, Hooch’s ears were not docked but actually chopped off. The vet and rescuers believe Hooch was used as a bait dog, and his tongue had been pulled and cut from his trachea.

“I can’t imagine the pain he has been through or how he has survived up to this point,” Skow posted on the Marley’s Mutts website. “Dogs need their tongues to perform a variety of essential actions such as eat dog food, drink water and PANT – dogs don’t sweat and rely on their tongues to help regulate temperature.”

With no tongue, the vet is equipping Hooch with an external feeding tube so he can take in nutrients and his life can be saved.

Despite what Hooch has endured and lost, rescuers say he hasn’t lost his heart.

“It tugs at my heart to think that somebody could do this to this poor dog,’ said Andrea Bertolucci, who works at the San Joaquin Vet Hospital. “He’s such a sweetheart and he just wants to be loved.”

To help provide for Hooch’s care you can make a donation by visiting his fundraiser website.

0 thoughts on “Rescued Bait Dog Found to Have No Tongue”

    • Bait dogs are not necessarily pitbulls it seems your concern is not about the cruelty this dog suffered but about the supposed use of this dog as a bait dog. I pray the person feels the same suffering he inflicted on this dog for the rest of his life.

  1. Glad you can tell that he doesn’t have any scars Jackson, because I can’t really.

    Glad you are just concerned about that.

    Poor Hooch, bless his heart.

  2. Awww poor baby. He’s so cute. I love his teeth. 🙂
    I hope from here on out his life is all about love and gentleness.

    Oh….and I hope the people who harmed him get karma’s foot deeply plunged up their asses.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he had been used as a bait dog or not. The point of the matter is that SOMEBODY horribly abused this dog. His ears did not naturally grow that way and for anyone to cut the tongue off a brachycephalic dog is sentencing the dog to death!

    I own a French Mastiff and they are the most gentle of dogs. When I take a picture of my dog, his scars from a previous owner that abused him do not show because of his fur.

    • !00% that your a disgusting ignorant slime….so that put you in the same category as the non humans that did that to Hooch. Trash like you is what is wrong with this world….you are blind and ignorant.

    • Life behind bars is too good for that kind of evil. There is no fear in what the punishment could be and they keep doing it – the punishment needs to be severe so that they hopefully would think twice about doing something horrible to an animal or child or person. If you are cruel to an animal – you are cruel to a person / child. Evil is evil and deserve to be treated the same.


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