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RESCUED! Dog Lives Under Shed for a Year After Owner Dies

by Melanie

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7.31.14 - Dog Lives Under Shed for Year After Owner Dies1

Woody was left behind when his owner died and their family sold the house.  He spent the next year, confused and alone, living beneath the shed on his property.  But he was finally rescued, cleaned up, loved, and is now ready for a home.

He was able to survive because of the neighbors who left food and water out for him.

7.31.14 - Dog Lives Under Shed for Year After Owner Dies3

Eldad Hagar and his Hope for Paws team arrived to find the little guy tucked into the back corner under the shed, as they expected.  He didn’t growl or bark, and even though he was scared, he let them loop a leash around his neck.

But he didn’t want to move.  He fought it at the end, but then let his rescuers lead him out.

7.31.14 - Dog Lives Under Shed for Year After Owner Dies7

Woody was a filthy, matted mess, but even after a year with no care or love, he immediately responded to affection.  He had no problem being scooped up and doted on in the car.

After being taken inside a building for the first time in what must have seemed like a lifetime, Woody allowed Eldad to groom and bathe him with no resistance.  No longer looking or feeling so grungy, he soon turned into the loving, trusting sweetheart he once was.

7.31.14 - Dog Lives Under Shed for Year After Owner Dies8

Lisa Chiarelli, a dog rescuer, volunteered to foster him.  Woody has been fitting in with his bigger foster siblings just fine – he is glad to feel like part of a family again.

Now he is ready to actually be a permanent part of a family.  If you would like to adopt him, please click here.

If you would like to help Hope for Paws keep rescuing dogs like Woody, please click here.