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Rescued Dog Returns the Favor


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rescue dogs returns the favor
Photo: Chris Kasprak, Post-Gazette

Always trusts your instincts, or at the very least, trust your dog’s instincts.  That’s what Peter Kreuthmeier did when his dog Zeke was relentlessly sniffing a trash can with a tightly secured lid that had been knocked over as they walked to work.   What he found both amazed and sickened him.  Inside the can was an injured and malnourished dog, with gashes around his neck, presumably from a collar that was too small.

The dog had managed to chew a small hole in the plastic can and it was his protruding nose that set off the alarm bells for Kreuthmeier, who immediately called animal control for assistance.  But it was Zeke who was the real hero, himself a rescue dog he wouldn’t leave the can alone and it was his persistence that got Kreuthmeier’s attention and ultimately led to the discovery of the abandoned mutt.

With fleas, fur matted with chewing gum, and a mild infection from the cuts on his neck, he was a mess but workers from Pittsburgh’s Animal Care & Control Bureau cleaned him up quickly.  The terrier/poodle mix is likely about 4 years old and despite his injuries and neglect is recovering well and is playful and happy.

Thanks to Zeke’s heroics, the dog is now in the excellent care of the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in East Liberty.  Dan Rossi, executive director said, “He’s an extremely, unbelievably friendly dog. It’s amazing how these animals just have trust in people even after bad situations like this happen. So he’ll stay with us for a couple of weeks to make sure he doesn’t have an infection and we’ll put him on the adoption floor.”

“He’ll end up in a very good home,” Mr. Rossi said. “We’ll make sure of that.”