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Rescued Elderly Dog Saves Family


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A family in Westport, Massachusetts if alive today thanks to their 13-year-old rescue dog Chip.

Corry Barboza first saw Chip when he appeared on a news station feature highlighting adoptable shelter dogs called “Pick of the Litter.” Even though Chip was 13-years-old Barboza fell instantly in love with him and adopted him. Now she believes that choice was fate.

Early one morning Chip wouldn’t leave Barboza alone and was persistent until she woke up. She thought he just had to go out.

“He’s off the bed, he’s on the bed, he’s doing circles, so I said alright buddy I’m up,” said Barboza.

When Barboza got up to take Chip out she had no idea what awaited her on the other side of her bedroom door. As soon as she opened it she was overwhelmed with the smell of gas. The stove had been left on accidentally and gas was filling the Barboza’s home. Barboza yelled for her kids to get out of the house and began opening all the windows and doors.

“I mean the whole house was just filled,” said Barboza.

Once outside it turned out Chip didn’t even need to go to the bathroom, he had only been acting out to alert Barboza to the danger. The whole ordeal proved to Barboza that she did the right thing in not caring about Chip’s age.

“I’m glad we have him,” said Barboza. “And I know now that my husband is pretty glad that we have him too.”