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Rescued Fox Is the Perfect Mix of Cat and Dog

by Melanie

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You really want to adopt a pet, but you’re having a hard time deciding what to get – a cat or a dog.  They each have really great qualities, and bring so much joy to life.  You’d really love to get one of each, so you know what you do?  Adopt a rescue fox!

You see a lot of cats who are really just one of the dogs.  You occasionally find that dog who really seems to be a cat just trapped in a dog’s body.  But then you have foxes, whose adorable antics make them equal parts dog and cat.  This is especially true of Vixey, who was rescued from a fur farm in the Czech Republic when she was just a kit.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog15


Sadly, in many parts of the world, most notably Eastern Europe, fur farming is still a highly lucrative business, as there are millions of people who do not care about the suffering of the animals they wear.  Vixey was fortunate to escape the fate that befalls her brethren.

She was rescued when she was young, and has grown up in the care of Martin Mirejovsky.  He strongly speaks out against the fur trade, and works tirelessly to promote animal welfare.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog7


He has raised her much like a house pet – given her toys and cozy beds – but he still feeds her the raw meat that her body is designed to process.  So while Vixey is still very much a wild animal, her behaviors are very much like those of our cats and domesticated dogs (cats can hardly be considered tame).

There are many behaviors that are (generally) very distinctly cat or dog.


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  • Slapping dogs and each other.
  • Sproinging eight feet in the air when things like cucumbers are unknowingly placed behind them.
  • Spending three hours grooming, then horking up a tube of wet hair.
  • Begging for your attention and desperately trying to entwine themselves around your limbs, then growling at you and taking off after you’ve pet them exactly four times.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog16





  • Can be easily trained to learn commands and tricks.
  • Not understanding that you’ve literally only been gone for a minute, not a week.
  • You can move under the blankets around dogs without having your feet clawed.
  • Can detect cancer and seizures, and save their families from fires.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog12


Here are some things that you’ll find dogs and cats have in common.  They both:

  • Steal treats off the table.
  • Play hide and seek beneath the blankets.
  • Cuddle, especially when they know their human needs it.
  • Love getting chin, neck, and butt scratches.
  • Get the zooms and tear around the house.
  • Play fetch by themselves.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog8


And by watching the video of Vixey, it is clear that foxes also love all of these things.  They are related to dogs, and like their relatives, love to dig, gnaw on rawhides and squeaky toys, and roll around in smelly things.  But they are also very much like cats.  They have sensitive whiskers, climb trees, some have retractable claws, and they enjoy pouncing and hanging out in cardboard boxes.  Could foxes be any more adorable??



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4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog15



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If you’d like to learn more about Vixey and can read Czech, or don’t mind translating entire web pages, click here.  To see more of her cute photos, click here.