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Rescued Romanian Dog is an Inspiration to Owners of Severely Handicapped Pets


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  1. Anna Marie in Walnut Creek, CA (2) (Small)Anna Marie was born into a tough life on the streets of Galati, Romania before being rescued by Nancy Jones of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc .  Romania is infamous for its stray dogs, which were a legacy of Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule.

When Nancy found Anna Marie, she had recently been hit by a car and, as a result, was suffering from a broken back and could not walk. Nancy was determined to do what she could to save Anna Marie’s life, even though, in the back of her mind, she worried that she may have to see Anna Marie euthanized in the end to end her suffering.

Anna Marie brought her back to her hotel room and racked her mind for options to help the injured puppy. She knew she would have to take Anna Marie back to the US. She could not leave her in Romania, where there would be little hope for her.

Once Nancy arrived back in California with Anna Marie, she learned about wheel carts for dogs and immediately looked into this. Because of the wheel cart and the love and care that Anna Marie has received, she is now thriving and Nancy is so glad that humane euthanasia was not considered in the end.Anna Marie take 3 (2)

Nancy now wants Anna Marie to be an inspiration for others who are facing the difficult choice of whether an animal is just “too disabled or handicapped” to rescue or continue to care for or whether a quality life is possible. Anna Marie shows us that, often, a quality life is very possible!


Anna Marie is just one of the many dogs that Romania Animal Rescue has saved in the past few years. Since their beginning in 2001, over 300 dogs have been placed in adoptive homes. Additionally, Romania Animal Rescue funds free spay/neuter services for Romanian dogs and raise funds to cover travel expenses for US veterinarians to go to Romanian and teach Romanian vets modern surgical techniques.