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Rescued rottweiler is recovering, but still needs help


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Winnipeg 20121214 00198Dooley must have a guardian angel looking out for him, and her name just might be Katie Powell.   Powell is a volunteer with Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, and when she heard the story about a stray and injured rottweiler on a reserve just outside Kenora, Ontario she knew she had to act.  He, was freezing, hungry, had been in an altercation with a porcupine and was now being attacked by other dogs because he was weak.  He needed help, and fast.

Powell rounded up more volunteers through Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert and they made the trek through a snowstorm to find Dooley.  Once in Kenora, the group met with other volunteers from It’s a Dog’s Life and went to locate the injured pup, still unsure at this point what they might or might not find.  They located the pack, but did not see Dooley right away.  “After feeding the pack to distract them around the corner, we looked for our main man.  There he was- about 20 feet back on the tree line; a very sad–but HANDSOME dog sat there- ears down, holding his front paw up,” said Powell.

At first Dooley was very reluctant to approach Powell, who was coaxing him with treats, but once they made eye contact he came running right over and sat on her feet.  He did not resist getting into the car and before long they were back home where after resisting for ten minutes or so, Dooley went inside and got right on the sofa.  Powell took Dooley to the vet and it turned out he had extensive injuries including frostbite, a Parasite called Giant Kidney worm, an old ankle injury on his right hind leg, a huge infected gash on his front paw pad, and porcupine quills in his cheek.

He has already had surgery to remove his kidney and still needs to have a leg amputated but the rescue does not have enough money to pay for all of his care and is looking for help.  “He is in good spirits and glad to be home. He is playing with his toys now and loves playing in the snow with his booties.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this dog.  He is so gentle and caring and has such a spark to him.  He is so well behaved and is so smart.  He has touched the lives of everyone he has met and absolutely deserves a second chance at life.  I want to give him that life.”

You can help Powell give Dooley a wonderful and healthy life in a loving home by making a donation go to Manitoba Mutts.  He will be forever grateful to you.