Rescuers Help Pregnant Dog Set on Fire

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR) from Wellington, Fla., is helping a pregnant dog recover from extensive burns to her torso after the dog was purposely set on fire.

Authorities don’t know who could have committed this cruel act, but they believe the terrier mix named Taya (previously Nina) was forced to walk through a fire or thrown into one.

Photo Credit: Big Dog Ranch Rescue
Photo Credit: Big Dog Ranch Rescue


“Whether she walked into a fire on the ground, like a fire pit or was pushed into a fire pit. Dogs don’t walk into those kind of situations,” Donna Casamento with Big Dog Ranch Rescue told WPTV.

Taya endured second and third degree burns to her chest, belly and hind legs. The burns were so extensive that veterinarians couldn’t perform an ultrasound to check on the unborn pups. However, vets hoped the puppies would survive until mom became stable and well enough to withstand a pregnancy exam.

On January 27, 2015, and ultrasound was performed and rescuers learned Taya is carrying six puppies. The pregnant dog continues to receive pain medication, special baths and ointments to help alleviate the burns and allow her skin to heal. Veterinarians are also expecting her to give birth soon.

“Many of you have asked if she will be able to nurse her new babies. Sadly, she is too burned to be able to do that,” BDRR posted on their Facebook page. “We have two plans ready. We have a surrogate Mom…and if that shouldn’t work out, we have an amazing BDRR foster ready to step in and up to bottle feed these new little lives.”

Police continue to investigate the case and hope to capture whoever hurt Taya.

For more information on Taya and how you can help, visit Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s website or Facebook page.