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Terrified Dog Shot in the Face Finally Rescued

by Melanie

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2.5.15 - Fundraiser for Cindy0


From the Giles County Humane Association:

Numerous calls recently began pouring in about a little female dog, with a bloody eye roaming in an area south of town (Pulaski, Tennessee).  Though curious, she would never allow anyone to get close to her.  Caring passersby would leave bits of food for her at the local market, which she cautiously approached and devoured quickly when no one was watching. When people began noticing her eye getting worse, the urgency to get her to a safe place began to grow.

As days passed, she was starting to lose weight.  Her steps had become quite clumsy.  Her appetite was not as strong.  Perhaps she was tired of running.  Or perhaps she sensed she needed help. Nonetheless, one afternoon, she gave in completely.  She surrendered herself; her weakened little body swayed with each soft wag of her tail.  However, it wasn’t until we had her in safe custody did we see the true nature of her injuries.

Cinnamon (Cindy for short) had one severely clouded ulcerated eye.  The other – completely bloodied to point of rupture.  Her shoulders, chest, legs were covered in oozing open sores.  Her ribs protruded.  Upon examination by a vet, it was discovered that little Cindy had been shot in the face.

Was she watching her owner?

Was she lost and looking for her way home?

Or was she hungry and begging for food?

I wonder who little Cindy was looking at when she was hit in the face with shotgun.  


2.5.15 - Fundraiser for Cindy2


She will lose one eye.  The other is a gamble, however, there is a chance it can be saved.  The steel shot embedded along her chest and legs will eventually work itself out, however, antibiotics will ward off the infection.  We are asking our community and animal lovers to please help us with her vetting and rehabilitation expenses.

This will be a long road for Cindy.  Her new surroundings may be a challenge.  With limited sight, she will become an inside dog and will need a forever home with a loving family that will help her adjust to her new life. However, we know this little girl has already made it through the most difficult part – finding a family to love her will be the easiest part of her amazing journey.

No more running… it’s time to stop; 

time to be cared for,

it’s time to be loved.

If you would like to meet Cindy or if you are interested in adopting her, please contact the Giles County Humane Association at 931-363-5455.  PO Box 237, Pulaski, TN  38478

If you are interested in donating toward Cindy’s recovery, please CLICK HERE.


2.5.15 - Fundraiser for Cindy3


UPDATE 2/2/15:  Little Cindy is doing well. Her eyes are temporarily sutured for protection. She is slowly learning her way. Her appetite is strong, and she enjoys going for short walks. She lights up and responds so well with the sound of your voice. Our little girl still has a long way to go, but her foster family is so patiently working with her. Will have more updates soon. Please keep sharing her story, so we can continue with her vetting and rehab.

UPDATE 2/4/15:  Cindy is doing very well! A special thank you goes out to our volunteers who are fostering her and regularly working with her. We have new pictures! She is looking more at ease and has a happy smile! She is a very relaxed dog! On Monday, she walked in to the vet’s office with no hesitation and laid down on her back to receive adoration and love from a bunch of folks she couldn’t see! Vet said one more week on the sutures in her lids, and that things appear to be healing better than he had hoped. You can see in these pics where the shot hit her – the little white scar dots, of course some went into her eyes. This is one super dog. We will try to get a full body photos with her gorgeous tail next time. Let’s keep sharing her story! We have come so far with this amazing little girl!