Rescuers Save Abandoned Greyhound Pup and Blind Sister

by Katherine

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A group of women living in a shelter for battered women in Navalcarnero, Madrid, woke up one morning to find two young Greyhounds roaming the property. At first they thought the puppies belonged to someone walking near the shelter, but after a while, the women realized the dogs had been abandoned. One of he puppies (female) is blind and her (male) littermate acted as her guide and protector.

Photo credit: El Refugio/YouTube capture
Photo credit: El Refugio/YouTube capture

Both dogs were very skinny and scared when found, but what amazed the women rescuers was that the young male puppy never abandoned his sister, no matter how scared he was.

While the women looked for someone to rescue and help the dogs, the good Samaritans built them a dog house, fed and protected them. Local rescue organization El Refugio stepped in to rescue the dogs. They named the pups Pisper and Blinder.

Nacho Paunero, El Refugio’s president, told La Vanguardia “it was very touching to see how a young puppy like Pisper understands he and his sister have been abandoned, that his sister is blind and that he cannot abandoned her because he needs to be her guide and protector at all times.” Lucky for the dogs, they found helping loving hands that got them on the right path to rescue.

The dogs were taken to a vet and after an exam it was discovered Blinder’s vision problems are the results of a viral infection. El Refugio expects the abandoned puppy to regain her vision once she completes a full treatment of medication.

Pisper and Blinder will be available for adoption once they both receive a clean bill of health. For more information visit El Refugio at http://www.elrefugio.org/.