Two weeks and counting: Stolen Disabled Dog Still Missing

by Katherine

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On Nov. 11, 2015, Oro (Spanish for gold) was on his way to physical therapy, but on his way there he and the car transporting him were stolen. The disabled dog was left handicap this past July when a motorcycle ran him over, but thanks to an animal lover who fell in love with him, the dog was getting treatment to gain back some of the mobility he lost in the accident. Oro has been missing for two weeks now and rescuers fear he is no longer alive.

Photo credit: Buscamos a Oro/Facebook
Photo credit: Buscamos a Oro/Facebook

The stray dog from Argentina probably spent most of his life roaming the streets, running out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, this past summer Oro was the victim of a hit-and-run and was left with half his body paralyzed.

Images of the injured Argentinean stray were shared on social media and Mirta Salguero, an Argentinian doctor living in Nevada, fell in love with him instantly. The woman contacted South American rescuers and offered to pay for Oro’s treatment and care until she travels back to her native land early next year to pick him up.

Salgero owns an animal rescue in Nevada and dedicates her time to help not only local street dogs but also those of her native country. Things for Oro were looking promising until the theft, if he is not found soon his life could be in danger.

Photo credit: Buscamos a Oro/Facebook

The disable dog is 100 percent dependent on humans. He needs medication for various infections and requires the help of a human to go to the bathroom.

“He needs someone to put pressure on his bladder in order for him to relieve himself,” Victoria, an Argentinean rescuer helping Salguero search for the dog told Infobae.com. “No one knows where he is, and if we don’t find him soon it will be difficult for him to survive. I want to believe a good Samaritan without access to social media has him and has no idea we are looking for him.”

Salgera is offering a reward for anyone with information on Oro’s whereabouts. She hopes the efforts of local rescuers pay off soon and the dog is located. She wants nothing more than to travel to Argentina, pick up her dog and transport him to the United States where he can get the medical help he needs.

For more information on how to help Oro and updated on his search, visit his Facebook page.