Rescuers save Dog Covered in Tar

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In Rajasthan, western India, a stray dog was completely covered in tar and it laid motionless on the side of the road while the thick substance cooled and solidified making the canine a living rock. Luckily, the dog was spotted and Animal Aid Unlimited was called for help.

Dog covered in tar
Dog covered in tar


The dog was rushed to the shelter and volunteers spent a total of three hours, spanned over two days, working to free the dog from the tar. They used vegetable oil to loosen the sticky substance from the dog’s fur. In the end, the survivor dog was unrecognizable.

No one imagined that under the black, smelly, hard coat of tar was a sweet and friendly brown dog.



Once the dog was cleaned and free from his restricting cocoon, the canine happily wagged his tail and ate while enjoying his regained freedom.

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