Rescuers Thought it was one Dog They Were Rescuing…

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Legend Animal Rescue was having issues corralling in a stray dog, and knew they needed to get some more help.  They called Rescue from the Hart for some back up.  However, the dog still was able to outwit the rescue teams at every turn.

3.22.15 - rescue1

Finally, they managed to corner the dog so to speak, and got a leash safely around his neck.  Now, the dog seems crazed.  Not all that dissimilar to the Tasmanian Devil character from Warner Brother cartoons.  The poor thing was so frightened he tried anything it could think of to get lose.  He was also acting a bit aggressive.

3.22.15 - rescue2

What happens after that, we’ll leave it up to the video to show you how everything plays out.  Get ready for one heck of a surprise!

3.22.15 - rescue3

To visit Legend Animal Rescue’s homepage, you can click on their name in the first paragraph.  If you’d like to see their Facebook page for even more information, simply click here.  Similarlly, you can click of the name Rescue from the Hart in the story, or if you’d like to see there Facebook page, simply click here.  Both of the rescue groups have channels with tonst more rescue stories and orher great stuff.  Simply type the name of either rescue in the search box for more amazing stories!

3.22.15 - rescueFEAT