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Restaurant Owner Arrested for Refusing Service to Woman with Service Dog


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A Myrtle Beach restaurant owner faces charges for denying service to a woman with a service animal.

A would-be patron told responding officers that she was denied entry to Seafood World because, according to the owner, “The restaurant is private property and has a sign that says ‘no dogs’.”

Police arrested 28-year-old Hrachya Avagyan of Myrtle Beach, charging him with unlawful interference with rights of blind/disabled persons. The police report notes that the service dog was wearing a “Service Animal” vest at the time of the incident, and that the owner was in possession of proper certification identification.

The victim told officers that she had attempted to explain service animal law to the restaurant owner, and showed him paperwork stating that her dog was certified, but she said the man just ignored her and told her to leave.