Results are in from Olympic Couch Jumping Trials

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Man alive!  Look at that dog go!  He’s the favorite for gold in this year’s upcoming Canine Couch Jumping Olympics, and it’s not difficult to see why.  Look at the skill and coordination on display here for all to see.  A true champion at work!

31 thoughts on “Results are in from Olympic Couch Jumping Trials”

  1. Man when my boxer was younger she could from a standing still position side jump over my couch to the other side. Shed usually do this playing with our basset hound. So by the time the basset hound go to the other side thinking she had evaded our boxer she find her waiting and would get this look on her face like WTF

  2. That’s Stig from Gremlin’s page. They are a fantastic family and Stig is well loved, pretty of exercise and he’s a therapy pup.


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