Woman Is Reunited With Stolen Dog Missing for a Month

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11.24.14 - Woman Is Reunited With Stolen Dog Missing for a Month

JJ Pierce has finally been reunited with her stolen dog Louie, whom has been missing for over six weeks.  After trying to make a very quick stop at a local Home Depot in South Philadelphia, their hometown, JJ came back out of the store to find her car stolen, with the dog still inside.

“I have no words that can adequately express the appreciation I have for the thousands of Facebook followers and countless numbers of people who helped me search for my dog,” JJ said. “I can honestly say Friday was the most beautiful day of my life.”

The day that JJ will always remember as one of the worst days in her life, will be October 9th.  That’s the day her vehicle was taken from the Home Depot parking lot with Louie still locked in the car.

“I knew I was only going to be a few minutes, and he was begging to go, so I took him with me,” said JJ. “I locked the car doors and went inside the store. When I came out, my car was gone. All I kept saying was that my Louie is in that car.”

As seems to be the usual, JJ immediately turned to the wide world of Social Media, and posted Louie’s picture and information on both Twitter and Facebook.  She also hit up local media outlets, like the Delaware County Daily Times, asking for help locating her beloved Louie.  He had even been featured on the Jumbotron at a Philadelphia Eagles Monday Night Football game.

The vehicle was eventually found, stripped bare.  There was still one problem.  No Louie.

The social media campaign was still on, and JJ plastered the area with fliers with Louie’s info and picture.  One of those fliers was what would finally reunite JJ with Louie.

While JJ was performing her normal job duties as a teacher, a friend had taken up the job of fielding phone calls coming in with information on Louie’s whereabouts.  In the middle of a class is when the phone call came in.  Someone thought they had found Louie.

JJ was in a state of shock after being told that yes, Louie was found, safe and sound.  He was staying with a nice family also living in the area.  They are not native English speakers, so the fliers and lost dogs posts that were put up didn’t really register as someone looking for their lost dog.  JJ is very thankful to all of the people that became involved in the search for Louie, and is very happy to have her best friend home again.

“I couldn’t believe it was Louie,” said JJ. “After all the false alarms, I was so happy. There were times I had my doubts, but #TeamLouie and all the great words of encouragement kept me going. I could have not gotten through these past six weeks without the love and support I received, much of it from complete strangers.”