Reunions: Tearful Meeting Between Dog and Owner After a Year Apart

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After more than a year of separation, Elizabeth Mahoney and her dog Jasmine have been reunited. Twelve months ago, the Georgia woman relinquished Jasmine to the care of a friend, believing that someone other than herself would be better able to care for the dog and address its medical needs. Jasmine moved to Lubbock, TX with her new family, where she was released and abandoned.

She was found ten days ago by a Texas Tech student. A scanned microchip led the Garland Shelter to Elizabeth, who borrowed money, drove thirteen hours and slept in a rental car in order to get to Texas and reclaim Jasmine.

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44 thoughts on “Reunions: Tearful Meeting Between Dog and Owner After a Year Apart”

  1. Hatehatehate gooseflesh and tears. You certainly find the stories, good and bad and good… and awful. Then there’s Nigel. Thanks for bringing this tale to light.
    Hugs xoxoox
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  2. Why did she give her up and what makes her think she can take care of the dog now? I want the best for the dog!!!

  3. i bawled my eyes out watching that clip….so glad they found the owner and she has her dog back. and hope she can continue to treat what ever the medicals reasons were for her to rehome in the first place…xoxoxoxo…

  4. This is why as a breeder I cannot place my retired dogs, they have to be cared for by me. Experience taught me this. Dogs want to be with their original owners. Once in awhile it works out but not enough.


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