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Reunited! Texas Terrier Missing Since 2009 Finds His Way Home

by Amy Drew

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image 75
Corky (left) and new buddy Captain. Photo: Khampha Bouaphanh/Fort Worth Star-Telegram




The Montez family was devastated when Corky, the scrappy little rescue they’d adopted not long before, managed to escape the fenced yard of their Boyd, TX, home. Their impassioned search, however, turned up nothing.

“We searched for him for six months,” one of his owners, Jimmy Montez, told ABC News. “We put up fliers, asked local businesses if they’d seen him and even went door-to-door to our neighbors. But we never found him, and so we assumed the worst.”

Time passed. The family had more children, more dogs and undertook a move to Fort Worth. But, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they never forgot about Corky.

Imagine their surprise this month when the phone rang with the news they’d been hoping for since 2009.

Corky, thanks to his microchip, was ID’d by the Humane Society of North Texas when he and another dog, an adorable one-eyed mutt named Captain, were brought in. The delighted Montez clan rushed in to claim Corky, and they adopted his piratey little pal, as well.

“What a blessed day it was,” Kim Montez told the Star-Telegram. “We have so much love to share.”

image 76
Mason Montez holds Corky and Captain. Photo: Khampha Bouaphanh/Fort Worth Star-Telegram




Montez said Corky recognized them on site and has been a fixture at 12-year-old Mason Montez’s side since the homecoming.  They have been charmed by his attachment to Captain, as well.

“[It’s] so obvious they’re best friends,” Jimmy Montez told ABC. “It’s actually pretty adorable. It looks like Corky really took care of Captain when they were out in the streets. He always lets Captain eat first, and he’ll even stand guard to make sure none of our other dogs bother him.”

In an interview with the Star-Telegram, Humane Society spokesman Philip Gonzalez called the reunion between Corky and the Montez family “quite rare,” and “incredible.”