Reward Increased to $10,000 in Dog Dragging Death

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2-year-old Jetta seen here with her pups.

On Saturday morning the lifeless body of Jetta, a black Labrador retriever, was found on the side of the road near Chelsea, Oklahoma. Sometime on Friday night, her rear legs were bound with bailing wire and she was dragged behind a vehicle for just over a mile.

She had also been shot, but it is unclear whether she was shot before or after being dragged.

Jetta leaves behind a new litter of nine 4-week-old puppies that have not yet been weaned.

Melony Patton, Jetta’s owner, described finding her dog’s body. “Her legs were still tied up, the bones were through her skin, her flesh was shredded, her skin was actually on the asphalt, stuck to the asphalt, her fur and everything.”

Rogers County Sherriff Scott Walton said that Jetta’s body left a trail of flesh and fur along the road. “You just have to believe and stay focused on the fact that this is the work of a sick mind, that some thug would do this to an animal,” Walton said.

Patton’s fear goes even deeper. “If they’re gonna do this to a pet, what are they gonna do to a child? Or what are they gonna do to another adult? If they’re this cruel, I mean, they’re cruel to do anything.”

Wild Heart Ranch, a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, is helping to raise a reward to catch Jetta’s killer. Since learning of the heinous crime, they have collected $5,000.

On Sunday, after learning of Jetta’s death, University of Oklahoma’s former head coach Barry Switzer matched the reward, bringing it to $10,000.

Patton is having a difficult time helping her two small children understand why the puppies Jetta leaves behind don’t have a mom anymore. When asked about Jetta, Patton’s 4-year-old daughter said, “She went to heaven.”

The family plans to keep one of Jetta’s puppies and to find loving homes for the rest.

The animal cruelty statutes in Oklahoma state that an individual found to have maliciously tortured, destroyed or killed an animal will be found guilty of a felony.

Individuals with any information regarding Jetta’s death are urged to contact the Roger’s County Sherriff’s Office anonymous crime tip hot line at 918-341-3620.

20 thoughts on “Reward Increased to $10,000 in Dog Dragging Death”

  1. How did they get Jetta, surely she would have been with her pups 24/7? This is so disgusting I feel sick to my stomach. Whoever did this should just get a bullet to the head.

    • Even mama dogs have to go potty and stretch their legs once in a while! It doesn’t matter how they got her, the fact is that they did and they deserve the the same or worse treatment than what they gave her!!!

  2. Jetta must have been struggling with the murderer, and have bitten him/her real bad. Check out all hospitals during that time and track all people who were injured by animal bites. That may be a clue…

  3. How did they get her from the home? Did some take her while the family was away or out of the yard while she was going to the bathroom? Thank god the puppies were not harmed if it was a break in…. rip sweet baby i have a lab he is the most loving gentel giant i know it hurts to know some one could do this to any animal… i hope they find them!

  4. This makes me think that this was not a random act. I think that whoever did this knows Melony Patton, Jetta’s owner, personally and carries a grudge and hatred for her and her family. This could have been a child. Jetta was a family member. This has the earmarks of a personal attack. Correctly, someone may well have bite marks on them. May not have gone to a hospital, but will most likely have had some kind of first aid.

    Hope they are found out and severely punished.

  5. Oh my god, how are these people raised to turn into such sadistic cruel nasty people!!! I could not even imagine the terror this poor animal went through!!!

  6. Is there any way the sheriff’s office could figure out where the wire came from? Check farms, stores, see who uses that particular bailing wire and track those bastards down that way & when they’re cought, let’s tie them up, hang them behind a truck and let them see what it feels like! An eye for an eye – there’s no room for sick individuals like that in our society! Rest in peace, sweet Jetta!


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