Rinse, Lather, Repeat -The 2011 National Dog Wash

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The National Canine Cancer Foundation is excited to bring back the first and only online dog wash to fight canine cancer.Did you know 1 in 4 dogs will die of cancer? Did you know that canine cures will help people? Raise money for research simply by giving your dog a bath this November, post their picture at NationalDogWash.com and show your commitment to “washing away canine cancer” and creating awareness.

This November in honor of Canine Cancer Awareness month, our partners have joined us for The National Dog Wash because Cancer is a dirty word! Supporting the cause is as easy as Sit, Stay, Speak! Beginning November 1, log on to www.NationalDogWash.com
For a $10 donation to the NCCF, your exclusive Dog Wash Packet will be sent to your house with freebies as a part of our partner program. Here is what you will get in your exclusive 2011 Dog Wash Packet:

  • National Canine Cancer Foundation-Available for the First Time!! Peace –Love –Pink Paw window decal. www.wearethecure.org
  • Petco Grooming: $5 off Spa Works package with Full Service Groom or Bath. Spa Works includes scented shampoo, coat conditioner, spritz and spray on detangler and a tooth brushing. www.Petco.com
  • John Paul Pet Products:1 John Paul Pet Tea Tree & 1 John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo Foil Pack www.johnpaulpet.com
  • Halo, Purely for Pets: Free Can of Halo Spot’s Stew, the only food to receive the NCCF Seal of Excellence. www.halopurelyforpets.com
  • FreeKibble.com: For every Dog Wash Packet sold, Freekibble.com will donate a meal of Halo, Spot’s Stew to hungry shelter dogs. www.freekibble.com
  • Best Bully Sticks: Two all natural 6 inch odor-free Bully Sticks. Made from free-range Brazilian cattle and a recipient of the NCCF Seal of Approval www.BestBullySticks.com
  • Modern Dog Magazine:Complementary Issue of Modern Dog Magazine. Receive a risk free trial of “the lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions.” www.moderndogmagazine.com


Give your dog a bath at home with the JPP salon level products or head to a Petco grooming salon. Upload their picture or video to www.NationalDogWash.comand make them a star! Pups with the most “Paws Up” votes can win additional prizes each week! But only through November and limited to the first 5,000 orders and then it’s gone! “Together, We are the Cure!”
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The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants directly to Cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer.

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  1. I just went to the site and got my package. I hope that a cure is found soon. My Mom’s Chihuahua saved her life. She jumped up on my Mom’s chest and my Mom started bleeding. She went to the doctor the next day and she did have cancer. If not for that little jump my Mom would have been worse off. My sister went to get checked and she had cancer also. She died a year and a half ago on my Father’s birthday. She loved those little dogs even though she was cat person. She used to carry them around and treated them like cats. They loved her too.


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