RMCP on the Hunt for Alberta’s Dog Killer

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Residents of the tiny village of Mirror, Alberta are terror-stricken after thirteen area dogs died violent deaths from poisoning.

Bashaw RCMP are investigating the suspicious deaths of the dogs in the Hamlet of Mirror after more than a dozen dogs perished over Thursday and Friday.

Area resident Crystal French was one of those who lost a pet. Her nine year old dog became suddenly ill with no explanation. “She started to throw up later on in the evening,” said French of her nine year old dog, Queenie. “She was gone in the morning. It’s not easy, my kids are a mess. They’ve cried for days.”

Edmonton Humane Society spokesperson Shawna Randolph says pet owners have a responsibility to ensure their animals are safe. “Animals deserve dignity and respect, and they really do need their owners to be completely aware of what they’re getting into at all times, whether it be in their own yards, walking them on a leash, or taking them to an off -leash dog park,” she said. “We always say to people, never be complacent. Be very careful of what your dog is getting into, just like you would with your child.”

French also believes that her cat Shady was poisoned in the area two years ago when a number of area pets died suddenly. No suspect was ever indentified, and resident believe they may be dealing with a serial pet killer.

“People are mad and they are worried about their children as well,” said French. “You know everyone has a theory on who’s doing it and I hope no one does their vigilante justice because someone’s going to get hurt.”

As the RCMP awaits toxicology results, police are urging owners to take extra precautions because all of the deaths happened inside fenced-in yards. Anyone with information is asked to call Bashaw RCMP at 780-372-3793 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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40 thoughts on “RMCP on the Hunt for Alberta’s Dog Killer”

  1. Thus is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened in the past year or so. I think the other places were CA, WA or OR and SD. There are sick people out there!

  2. This is so bizarre….My Nephew lives in Mirror Alberta….I’ll have to see if he has heard about this…He doesn’t own a dog of his own but I will deffinately ask him what is going on [email protected] Melissa Si you live in Mirror Alberta I see…..How long has the poisoning been going on????

  3. I am not from Mirror Lake per se, I am an Albertan resident. I’m not sure how long the poisonings have been going on, but it has been all over the local news recently!

  4. As the owner of a dog that survived poisoned meatballs, I collected 22 more meatballs from my yard. They were all on one side of the yard. It was obvious to me they were thrown over the fence by the dog abuser that lives next door. No Dog is safe in their own yard, do not trust anyone. It’s a shame the police in my community could not find any rat poison in the neighbors house when they went in to question him. But why would have it out in plain sight after he had used it all to make the meatballs. My dog still dosen’t go out in our fenced acre by him self. I will never trust that he is safe any where. I’m grateful to my wonderful Vet – she saved his life. I hope the people of the community can get their videos camera on and start watching, catch him on video in the act. Then possibly he might be prosecuted. Evidence is necessary, and even with proof he may run free to kill more innocent animals.

  5. Very sad, here in South Africa dogs get poisoned with Aldicarb, a pesticide used in farming. Maybe the same poison was used in Alberta.
    To poison a dog or a cat is in my eyes the most evil thing a human being can do.


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