Roland’s Rescue

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Yorkie caught in a trap set for a coyote finds his forever home

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you can catch more flies with honey,” but you probably haven’t heard the phrase, “you can catch a Yorkie with a ham sandwich.” That’s because it’s probably only happened once.

A Detroit, Michigan business had been having problems with a fox or coyote and wanted to safely remove the animal from their premises. After several failed attempts with different types of bait in a live trap, they decided to try a ham sandwich.

You can imagine the workers’ surprise when they got to the office in the morning and instead of a fox or coyote, they found Roland, a 6-year-old Yorkie, patiently waiting for someone to let him out.

Understandably, Roland was a little frightened. The workers called the Michigan Humane Society’s Rescue Department to safely remove the little dog.

MHS rescued Roland, who remained frightened for a while, then set about getting him healthy and either sending him back home or, if that was not possible, finding him a new home.

At the shelter, Roland was vaccinated, scanned for a microchip and seen by an MHS veterinarian. After some time recovering from and upper respiratory infection, Roland was finally able to find his new home.

In Roland’s case, getting caught in a trap turned out to be a lucky break.


12 thoughts on “Roland’s Rescue”

  1. Bless it’s little heart. I know how scared they can be. Mine would shake like him when she went to the vet or groomer. They are the sweetest babies.

  2. People setting these traps need to check them daily, if not several times each day. My friend lives by some woods and after she let the dog out for a walk, it never came home. (Yes, it should have been on a leash.) Later that day some boys in the neighborhood found her in a live trap someone left in the woods. If they hadn’t found her, she might have endured a slow death of thirst/starvation. Nobody knew who the trap belonged to and they might have never come back to check it!

  3. I just can’t understand why people have pets just to beat and starve them to death. The horror stories I’ve read just make me sick. Why do poor helpless pets have to suffer this way? Penalties should be much worse for these killers.


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