Romania Officials Approve Mass Killings of Stray Dogs

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In recent years, Romanian nationals and tourists have been victims of dog attacks. A Bucharest woman and a Japanese tourist died after sustaining bites from stray dogs, and a 4-year-old child died last week from fatal bites. These attacks have fueled the government to approve a bill stating that all stray dogs can be captured and mass killed without first determining if the dogs are vicious, sick, or if they can be rehabilitated, trained and re-homed. Nothing will be done to help Romania’s stray dogs.

Mass killings of stray dogs in Romania
Mass killings of stray dogs in Romania


The bill was approved on Sept. 9, 2013, even though Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu had said he would hold a referendum on Oct. 6. Now, city hall will cancel the referendum and the mass killings of helpless stray dogs will go into effect as soon as the bill is signed by the president, and then published.

According to the organization Action Aid for Animals, this bill is just another way for the government to raise taxes and then misuse the funds.

Their organization’s website states:
“For every dog caught, killed, cremated the local dog pound invoices its local city hall on average 120 euros each dog, the city hall then take from the public purse (local tax payers) and sends a nice hefty cheque back to the dog catchers and city pound that are normally related in some form or another to the mayor of the city hall or the mayor is on the dog catchers payroll. Now do you see why they need public backing, why the scaremonger tactics?”

Action Aid for Animals wants the public to stand up and defend the thousands of innocent and speechless animals that will suffer a cruel death with this bill.

The organizations is urging the public to sign the petition, get educated on the reality of Romania’s stray dogs, and pressure the government to take a more humane resolution.

Romania’s stray dogs are living creatures in need. They deserve better. If there are concerned animal lovers and animal rescue groups willing to help, why not give these dogs a chance at a better life? Romanians’ taxpayers’ money should not be misused for mass killing campaigns when there is an alternative solution to the country’s problem with stray dogs.

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5 thoughts on “Romania Officials Approve Mass Killings of Stray Dogs”

  1. Il faut arrêter de faire du mal au animaux, ils non rien fait, au contraire ils faut leur donner de l’amour, caresse et l’affection!!!

  2. you don’t know what you are talking about! if it were your kid that was bitten, disfigured or murdered by stray dogs you would definately see things in another way. You all say there are alternative solutions to just killing the animals. those solutions require funds that do not exist here. There is no money to keep the city pounds working, and if you are thinking :”well, better get some!” I will tell you that there is not enough money for other more important aspects like orphanages, hospitals and schools. Hospitals are being shut down, schools are being shut down, most old people bearly survive on a pension of 100 $ per month. So, if there are indeed so many animal lovers in Romania or around willing to d something about this, they had years to do it, and yet, nothing was done. You only start screaming and protesting when a drastic solution is adopted, that you don’t like and don’t aprove. You have to understand that here, in Romania, this is the only solution available. Otherwise, more people will be dying, including “innocent and speechless ” children!!!

  3. dogs need to be vaccinated. just for 1 or 2 fatality, poor innocent dogs had to be put to death. please let them live.


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