Romanian Stray Gets Rescued from Icy Canal

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What are two Romanian fishermen to do when they hear the desperate cries of a trapped dog in an icy canal? Well, what else but to rescue the dog.

The Romanian news site Dejeanul.rom posted a two minute video showing two good Samaritans rescuing a Husky trapped in Somesul Mic River.

Romanian dog trapped in canal.
Romanian dog trapped in canal.


The dog somehow got into the canal and tried unsuccessfully to get out by climbing up the concrete walls.

The two fishermen who were nearby heard the pet’s cries and jumped to the rescue.

One of the men took his shoes off, entered the frigid waters, and lured the canine towards a concrete platform. Once the pet was there, the man grabbed the dog and crossed the canal’s icy waters towards safety. On the other end, the second man waited to help get the dog out of the jam.

Even though the Good Samaritan who saved the dog did not carry the pet in the most humane manner, we are glad to see these two men took the time to help a dog in need.

Stray dog receiving love after being rescued.
Stray dog receiving love after being rescued.


The best part of the video is the excitement and gratitude the dog shows after being rescued.

Watch the video.


0 thoughts on “Romanian Stray Gets Rescued from Icy Canal”

  1. I cannot judge the man as to how he carried the dog. It might have been the best way but obviously the man did and act of love for the dog with no intention of harming but rather saving his life. One could not ask for more.

  2. I have to point out that some dogs get scared and might bite the one who tries to save them, by accident. This is the best way to hold the dog without actually harming him, as that is the way all dogs carry their puppies, so they stay in that position without moving, no biting and it doesn’t harm the dog at all, although it may not look like a ‘humane manner’.
    Well done to the good Romanian guys for saving the dog.
    He is so happy and grateful :))


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