Rotten Children Tried to Drown This Street Puppy in Glue, But He Was Saved Just in Time

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Some horrific little monsters in Turkey decided to have some fun, so they tried to drown a starving puppy in glue and then dragged him through the mud.  Then they left him to slowly die, but just before the epoxy completely hardened and turned him into a living statue, he was saved.  Now that he is in good hands, Pascal is glue-free and on a long road to recovery.




The puppy was taken in by He’Art of Rescue, and not a moment too soon.  The glue was hardening, forming a thick fur and mud shell around his body.  He was having difficulty breathing, and could barely move.  The ear that was coated, cut off from its blood supply, was dying.

Pascal moaned as he was gently lifted out of the cardboard box that contained him as he was brought in, and painfully dragged his hind legs behind him as he sought refuge from more potentially cruel people by hiding in a dark corner in the exam room.




“Our heart is broken but we will not let Pascal go through this alone,” the group said on Facebook. We will do everything until he is completely recovered.”




His paste prison was delicately cut away, but the glue had penetrated so deeply into his far that he had to be shorn to the skin.  Chemicals from the glue have damaged his skin, and he requires special baths to help him heal.  He is on pain medicine and antibiotics, but the damage to his spirit may be far worse.  After the repugnant cruelty he endured, learning to trust humans again will take time.




Fortunately, though he is very underweight and battling an infection, this puppy is relatively healthy, and tested negative for parvo and distemper.

“Although Pascal has been cleaned from the horrible chemical, the incident left a huge scar in his soul,” He’Art Rescue said. “It is in his eyes, in his posture, in his lack of trust for people… He is being flooded in LOVE – love that can heal everything.”


If you would like to help Pascal (or any of their animals) get better, please click here to donate.  This amazing rescue group helps any animal in need. They recently performed surgery on Sadie, a cat whose leg was shattered weeks before being found by shrapnel in a war zone.  She is now recovering from amputation and adjusting to life with a prosthetic leg.



8 thoughts on “Rotten Children Tried to Drown This Street Puppy in Glue, But He Was Saved Just in Time”

  1. What a tragic story. it makes my heart happy to see that Pascal is doing better. I wish he were in the United States instead of Turkey although I suspect we have evil kids here as well.

  2. ??????ohh my god that is just wrong I love dogs to death I will axle give up my life for any kind of dog who gets trended badly it hearts me the most hering about this stuff that’s going on I get really mad upset than I cry an my sleep I just wish one of this days people will stop doing bad things to dogs and start Loving dogs more just amgin that dog is u people just don’t go in but dogs or cats or any animals that you are going to hurt give them a nother chance this goes out to people that have trouble in there life’s just go in by any animal that u like give them a second chace and they will warm up to u and give u kiss and people they might even hug u I’m just saying dogs are good the help you threw you’re troubles I know because I have to amazing dogs they help me threw my life I don’t know what to do with out them there my best pales and my best friends and I talk to them it makes me fell happy and I’m glad a bout it so give a dog a nother chance an they will love u no matter if you’re mad at them or not the will always be by you’re side there good helpers thanks guys who ever read these and not pass it up ?????

  3. As hard as it is for any of us to imagine kids doing this to a little puppy you have to remember they are living in a country where many of their adult “role models” think it is a good idea to fill a truck with explosives and drive it into a crowd of innocent people. Put in that context I am not surprised that the kids thought this was a perfectly fine thing to do. So sad. And thank you God for letting that little dog live and reach a place where people are loving and compassionate and taking care of him.

    • Hello, my racist friend. Let’s not forget that the people who saved the puppy and are now taking care of it are also from Turkey.

    • Thank God? If there really was a god he would never let kids like this exist. Thank you to the people who saved this puppy, god had nothing to do with it.


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