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Rottweiler Protects Pregnant Owner from Armed Robbers

by Katherine

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When Kasha Marie Weston was five months pregnant, a group of armed robbers broke into her home, held a knife to her throat and beat her boyfriend Aryan Salhi while demanding money. With no way to call authorities or run out of their home, Weston, her boyfriend and their unborn child were close to their death, but thanks to their heroic pet named Rocky, the three are alive and well today.

It was March 19, 2014 when the assailants surprised the couple from Gravesend, England. Rocky, the Rottweiler, was locked inside the bathroom, but when he heard the commotion and the fearful screams of his pregnant owner, the dog broke through the bathroom door and came to the rescue.

Aryan Salhi, Kasha Marie Weston and Rocky.
Aryan Salhi, Kasha Marie Weston and Rocky.

When the robbers saw the large dog running towards them, they ran out of the property like the cowards they truly are.

Fortunately, the couple were able to call police and one of the armed robbers was caught. Kent Benedicto Ayolla was apprehended and is now serving a ten year prison sentence.

Weston and her unborn child were unharmed and four months later, the expecting mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy.