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UPDATE: Dog Rescued from Wetland Finds Home

by Katherine

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Last week we told you about a mix breed dog clinging to life in a wetland. The pet was saved by a police officer who stopped what he was doing to jump into the water and save the pet. Well, the dog has now found a forever home.

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Juana Amarillo with her rescuer Johnny Cabuya.
Juana Amarillo with her rescuer Johnny Cabuya.


Johnny Cabuya is the heroic police officer from Bogota, Colombia who heard the dog cries coming from the wetland. The officer stripped off his uniform and jumped into the cold waters of the Juan Amarillo wetland to save the pet.

With the help of other officers, the female dog was pulled from the waters and later transported to a vet clinic. The dog has been named Juana Amarillo and has been adopted by the police department.

Juana will spend her days and night accompanied by police officers who will feed and look after her. At night, the police department’s new mascot will safely snooze inside the police station in the Suba region.

Congratulations to Juana Amarillo for finding loving friends and a home.