Roxy’s Last Days

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A heartfelt tribute from Canadian videographer Brent Storm is as lovely as it is heartrending.

Roxy passed away two weeks shy of her third birthday, and Storm has captured her essence in this poignant collection of quiet moments. It’s a touching memorial, and a reminder that every precious moment is fleeting.

RIP beautiful.

There is so much I can say about Roxy… She was my closest companion for the past 2+ years and was always happy to meet new friends. She would greet everyone with a wiggly bum (stubby tail) and a high five.

She was a very smart dog and could be taught almost any trick.. including skateboarding! It has been very unfortunate that we lost her at such a young age, but we know she has gone to a better place.

We miss her with all of our hearts and she has left a huge impact (and paw print) on our lives. She will never be forgotten.

Roxy we love you and miss you more than anything!

Love Always,

– BS

19 thoughts on “Roxy’s Last Days”

  1. I am so saddened by the loss of your Roxy. We must support canine cancer research to halt this terrible disease and the loss of such adorable youngsters, as little Roxy. It is completely unacceptable for our wonderful canine family members to live any shorter life than is already too brief! I just lost my heart dog, Jacky 6 weeks ago from cancer and she was an unacceptable 8 yrs.; I fully expected her to live to 14 and I miss her soooooo deeply!

    I love the bullies and I am so touched by your loss of such an adorable girl. I am so glad you have video memories of her time with you. I wish I had been smarter and done the same.

  2. That was beautiful. What a lucky family. You can feel the love you all shared together. I am so sorry you lost your baby girl so soon. Thank you for sharing. I’m sending warm thoughts your way. ♥


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