Runaway Rescue Dog Found Swimming in Neighbor’s Pool

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9.21.14 - Runaway Rescue Dog Found Swimming in Neighbor's Pool1


Checkers, a search and rescue dog who looked for victims of the Oso, Washington mudslide, could have used a search dog of her own when she went missing on Thursday.  Fortunately, she was found on Friday, swimming in a nearby pool.

A resident in Snohomish County saw a dog swimming in her pool on Friday.  The next morning while surfing the internet, she saw reports of the missing dog.  Her husband went outside and called out to Checkers, and sure enough she came running from the woods.


9.21.14 - Runaway Rescue Dog Found Swimming in Neighbor's Pool3


She was reunited with her owner and handler, Samuel Peterson, around 9 that morning.  Checkers had been staying with Peterson’s father on Thursday afternoon, and five minutes after letting her outside, she was gone.

“I don’t think she would wander off. It’s possible, but she’s a very pretty dog, she’s very social.  It could have been that someone snagged her,” Peterson said.

Whatever the case, Checkers is now home safe and sound, where she belongs.


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    • Sonia, please don’t give up on Chewey….walk around and get your scent in the air so he/she can find their way home. My cousins house cat got out and was lost for months and they never stopped looking but they went looking other places further away and decided to start back in the neighborhood closer to their house and one morning the cat was sitting on my moms porch which is right next store to where the cat lived. He found his way home but since my mom had chairs on her porch she slept on the porch and when my cousins came out to go to school and work she came over to them. No one went to school or work that day…they all stayed home with the cat. To this day 2yrs later the cat is afraid of the front door. Good luck sweety….I will keep my fingers crossed.

  1. The moral of this: talk to your dog sitters about expectations before you leave your dog with them. Even parents!

  2. I bet after all of that distressing work she just wanted a mental health day! So glad that she was found safe!!


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