Sampson – A Tale of Hope and Love

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Sampson will recover from his injuries but will need a very special family to tend to his needs. (Reginia Brabham/The Telegraph)

On a stretch of road in Macon, GA, cars were veering around something on the road. No one stopped, until Jennifer Johnson came along. Jennifer and her husband stopped when they realized it was a dog in the road, trying to drag himself over to the shoulder. Another man stopped and the two men got the dog out of the road. Jennifer took off to get a friend she knew at PetSmart, Reginia Brabham. Together they raced back to get the dog and took him to Southwood Animal Hospital.

After administering pain medication, the exam showed that the dog, who they named Sampson, was not only hit by a car but was full of buckshot. Xrays revealed broken ribs, plastic in his stomach (probably from eating from garbage cans), and his right shoulder was in very, very bad shape. Sampson had very little muscle on his broken and battered body.

The story hit the news and donations, toys, and blankets from loving, caring people started flowing in. According to Reginia, “Sadly, Sampson is going to lose that leg as soon as he is healthy enough to withstand the surgery.  I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown to one sweet little lost dog.  I know he is going to have a great life as soon as this part is behind him.”

Source: The Telegraph



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