San Francisco Dog-Fighting Ring Busted

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9.25.13 - SF Dog Fighting Ring Busted1Three people have been arrested in connection to a dog-fighting ring in San Francisco. One of the men had been arrested on an unrelated charge, but when police searched his cell phone, they found video of a dog fight and faces of people involved, leading to further arrests and charges.

The fight is believed to have taken place in the Hunters View public housing development. The video showed two pit bulls forced to fight, with their owners and backers provoking them to fight harder.

“They’re kinda slapped and punched and yelled at and set back at each other and they fought pretty viciously for about five minutes until the video cuts off,” said San Francisco Police Inspector Dan Silver.


Three documented members of the Westmob gang were arrested.

“Westmob does robberies, murders; there’ve been rapes, burglaries, drug dealing,” Silver said.

The arrested are Ed Perkins and Acie Lee Mathews Jr., who were the owners of the fighting dogs, and Jermaine Jackson, who was a spectator of the fight, which is also a crime. A search of Jackson’s home was conducted, and a mother pit bull and her three puppies were rescued. A bulletproof vest and ammunition were also discovered.

Other videos were found on the cell phone that showed pit bulls being trained to bite by attacking hanging tires.

Police believe one of the dogs involved in the fight may have died, but they would like to find them. They are also searching for other spectators, who can be see in the video. Anyone who recognizes them should contact the SFPD’s tip line at 415-575-4444. The Humane Society offers a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who participates in dog-fighting, and ask people to call 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787).

Sgt. Danielle Newman describes the spectators as:

– A black woman between 20 and 28 years old who was wearing a red shirt, gray sweatpants, and white tennis shoes.

– A heavyset black male wearing jeans and a black long-sleeved T-shirt with graphics on the front.

– A male of Pacific Islander descent wearing a blue jacket, white T-shirt and blue jeans.

– Another male of Pacific Islander descent wearing a camouflage jacket with dark pants.

To see some of the images captured of the spectators, please visit here.



8 thoughts on “San Francisco Dog-Fighting Ring Busted”

  1. I wish they would really punish people that fight dogs , I do not understand how people could do this to any animal it makes me sick.I really believe these are very sick people that love seeing a animal fight.Proud to put my name on anything that will ever help animal that are abuse in any form.Diane Greer

  2. I thought san francisco had a ban on pitbulls? How come there are people with pits and pit puppies there!? Just goes to show that the ban punishes the good dog owners and not those thugs that abuses the dogs. Those people after being caught only get a slap on their wrist!

  3. Not limited to one race supporting this kind of cruelty. The dumb, vacant look apparent on the faces in the photographs cross racial lines–either naturally stupid or rendered so by use of drugs. Too bad we can’t find the folks, perpetrators and spectators alike, strip them naked, spray them with a luring smell, and turn the dogs loose on them. Do not understand why any one would support this trash.

  4. But the problem with being politically correct is you run the risk of not seeing reality and therefore wasting resources being racially sensitive. (And I’ve dated all colors, and even married a Mexican immigrant so clearly, not raaaacist.) black men are usually the ones involved in dog fights, Hispanics are into cock fighting which is no less brutal. I’ve never seen many whites involved in dog fighting. Whites Typically abuse dogs in being puppy mill breeders and in all cases these are ignorant people. If you are looking for dog fighting black neighborhoods are where to go, rural white areas are the mill breeders, I’m sure there are exceptions but being offended by reality is not helping stop this kind of nastiness.


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