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“Save Me 7” Still in Need of Fosters

by Katherine

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Back in November we brought you the story of the “Save Me 7,” dad Bix, momma Saddie and their five puppies, George, Jack, Penny, Chloe and Hopper. The family of stray mixed dogs, possibly Rottweiler, Labrador and GSD mix has been living on the streets of Dallas, Texas, since the five puppies were born back in June 2013. Fortunately a local animal lover has been feeding them and looking after them, but now Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is trapping them and taking them into Animal Control.

The “Save Me 7” need rescue and fosters before they are trapped by DAS.

Help Save the "Save Me 7." Photo Credit: Duck Team 6
Help Save the “Save Me 7.” Photo Credit: Duck Team 6


Local animal group Duck Team 6 (DT6) has been trying to rescue and place the dogs with foster families, but because they are a group of friends with experience in rescuing dogs from the streets and not a rescue organization, they rely heavily on volunteer foster families or other register animal rescues that will take in the pets they save from the streets.

One of the five "Save Me 7" puppies living on the streets of Dallas. Photo Credit: Duck team 6.
One of the five “Save Me 7” puppies living on the streets of Dallas. Photo Credit: Duck team 6.

When our first article ran, DT6 was able to secure one foster family for Penny, the friendliest of all puppies. They trapped and rescued her, but the rest of the family remained fending for themselves on the streets.

“We desperately do not want these dogs to go to the shelter as they have never been in an environment other than outside and will require significant rehabilitation and training,” said DT6.

DAS plans to trap the remaining family members this week and if so, their future is uncertain at Animal Control.

According to a Jan. 7, 2014, Facebook post by Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, an Animal Control officer will be setting traps to capture as many of the strays either today or tomorrow. They will then do their best to rehabilitate and adopt out as many as they can, but we all know what happens to homeless animals that are not claimed from animal control.

DT6 is asking the community to step up and volunteer to become foster families for these sweet dogs. If foster families are found, DT6 will be able to save the strays and offer them a better future through rehabilitation and adoption.

If you are interested in opening your home to one of the “Save Me 7” (now 6), please fill out a foster application here.

Contact DT6 through their website or Facebook page to offer to help.