Saving Grace

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Carolee Mason, Sandy Paisley, and Grace. A happy ending.

In Newtown, CT, Grace, an 8-year-old Golden retriever, was out for her morning stroll in the yard, just like she did every morning. All of a sudden, Sandy Paisley, Grace’s owner, heard a horrible a scream pierce the morning calm. Sandy ran outside and all she saw was an 8-foot-long swath of blond fur in the driveway. Grace was nowhere in sight but there was an unexpected FedEx package.

Sandy called Animal Control, the police, and the local FedEx office. Carolee Mason, the Animal Control Officer, showed up and started searching for Grace along with Sandy. Carolee’s shift ended but she continued looking. “I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I didn’t find her,” said Carolee.

Grace had many injuries after being hit by a FedEx truck.

Three hours later she found Grace about a quarter of a mile away in a swampy area. Grace had a gash on her left front leg, a jagged open wound on her head, and flies covering her face. Carolee carried Grace, all 80 pounds of her, out of the mucky water and helped her get to a neighboring house. She called Sandy and they rushed Grace to Newtown Veterinary Specialists where Grace was treated for her injuries.

FedEx driver Zachary Burns said he knocked on Sandy’s door but when he got no answer, he left. Burns was later issued a citation for failure to follow regulations for causing injury or death to a dog. Chris Stanley, FedEx Corporate spokesman, said Friday FedEx intends to work directly with Paisley. “We do offer our sincerest apologies,” Stanley said. “I am a dog owner. We’re all dog lovers around here. And we don’t want anything like this to happen.”

Grace is back home where she belongs. She’s recovering well and is being pampered and spoiled. Sandy gives Carolee credit for saving Grace and said, “”If there was ever a person who was born for this job, it is Carolee.”