Second Dog in Pennsylvania Forced to Perish in Flames

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Coatesville, PA police responding to a fire Friday night were horrified when what they thought to be a brush fire turned out to be a cage containing the charred remains of a dog.

The University of Pennsylvania will be performing a necropsy to determine if the dog died prior to being set ablaze, but it seems apparent that the dog was purposely confined to cause as much suffering as possible.

“No matter how many scenes of animal cruelty, especially of dogs set on fire, you never get used to it,” Chester County SPCA spokesman Rich Britton stated.  “This is a companion animal, this is someone’s loved one, that’s how we look at it.  This treatment is intolerable; no one should accept this, that’s why we’re looking to the public for help.”

This is the second such incident since June.  A Yorkie was trapped in plastic bags, which were doused with an accelerant and set on fire.  Officials deemed the sight too disturbing and graphic to disclose photo.  Concerned owners of the missing dog were horrorstricken to find out what happened to their cherished pet on the news.

Animal Protective Services officer Craig Baxter was shocked at the condition of the dog upon its initial examination.

“In the eight years that I’ve been here I’ve never seen something so horrific,” Baxter said. “How someone could do this to an animal is beyond my belief.”

Pennsylvania authorities are desperate to put an end to this vicious and ghastly trend.  Anyone with information is asked to notify the Coatesville police or the SPCA.  The contact number for the SPCA is 610-692-6113, extension 213.  For those wishing to remain anonymous, the Philadelphia Animal Rescue Examiner tip-line may be reached at 215-821-9281.

All pet owners, particularly those in the Pennsylvania area, are reminded to keep an especially close watch on their beloved pets, and to immediately report any suspect animal activity or abuse to the proper authorities.

11 thoughts on “Second Dog in Pennsylvania Forced to Perish in Flames”

  1. Not sure what happened to my last comment but I see its gone. Nothing like upsetting someone. Still wondering what PETA is doing about it. Too busy saving a tree I guess.

  2. Never mind…..I found it. Geez. Nothing like something messing up and I do apologize to the admin for even thinking they had something to do with it….they didn’t. Just a glitch in the system.

  3. It seems to me like more and more cases are coming up and the fact that they hit the media allows more sicko’s to get ideas on how they can improve their torture techniques. If your mate owned a dog and its suddenly not around anymore call the authorities. I realise americans are very good and turning away from responsibility, but if you know who did this and say nothing then you deserve a bullet

    • My wife and I have 2 grown dogs….1 a miniature daschound and the other part dasch part wired haired terrior. The oldest is 14 the the youngest is 10. THEN we have the calico kitty named Callie Ann and shes 2. ANYONE who hurts my animals better find another country to live in quickly. Otherwise, their next stop may be the bone yard.

    • Yes, I worry about copy cats. And any so-called human that gets enjoyment from hurting animals or other humans should be removed from the gene pool and I don’t want to be paying for their care in prison either.
      People in prison get food and medical care which is more than we give some people who are law abiding. Something is very wrong.

  4. Who ever did this needs to be euthanized. They are a danger to society, the justice system needs to finally what the heck up and realize that this person is sick and will do this to humans also.

  5. then progress to humans they really need to find this guy before he gets the idea that small children would be more fun to watch. i aint trying to sound sick but my mom worke at Norristown State Hospital and she aways used to say crazy is crazy you cant ever know what they might do. I pray they fing him fast. before any more dogs or even people are harmed

    • Yes, it is frightening to imagine the pleasure the perpetrator(s) took in committing this horrible crime. Following up with something worse could be all too real and possible.


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