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Service Dog Awarded After Saving Her Owner’s Life

by Melanie

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9.23.12 Dog Awarded
Service Dog Lexi

Nicole Harer came close to death when her blood sugar spiked and she collapsed to the floor.  She might have, at the very least, slipped into a diabetic coma had it not been for the heroic efforts of her dog Lexi.

The Beagle/Labrador mix is capable of detecting Nicole’s blood sugar levels by smelling her saliva.  Lexi alerts her when it is too high or low.

Nicole has suffered from numerous health problems, including COPD, which has caused her to be in and out of hospitals.  But over the course of six years of visits, it wasn’t until recently that she was diagnosed with diabetes.  Blackouts have caused some brain damage, and she struggled to control her diabetic highs and lows until Lexi came into her life.

Within two days of having her, Lexi was able to tell when Nicole needed to control her blood sugar.  One incident of her blood sugar spiking nearly cost Nicole her life.

“I went and took my blood sugar and it said that I was 400, which is very, very high and that meant that I need to take a shot,” Nicole said.

She fell to the floor and soon realized she was unable to move.  Lexi immediately fetched her emergency pack.

“This is the amazing part. She took out the glucose injection, which is an emergency shot for an extreme low that saves your life,” explained Nicole.

She injected herself with the insulin and blacked out.  Nicole awoke to see Lexi, her husband and paramedics surrounding her.

The news of Lexi’s heroism quickly spread throughout their Kentucky community.  Pet Groups United recognized her at Louisville’s Bark in the Park.

“The PGU is pleased to present this medallion for the Service Animal Award for Excellence to Lexi Harer,” the emcee announced.

Nicole is incredibly proud of her dog.  Lexi even alerts strangers of their high or low blood sugar.  Nicole now spends her free time trying to raise money for people who aren’t able to afford service dogs on their own.

“She saved my life and I want to save other people’s lives, and it’s easier than people think,” Nicole said.