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Second Graders Surprised With a Visit From the Puppy They Helped Save

by Melanie

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When a second grade class in Topeka, Kansas found out about a dog who needed donations to amputate his broken leg, they collected $450 in just one day – enough to pay for the procedure.  When Ryker had recovered, he surprised the kids with a visit at school.

On January 17th, a six-month-old Aussie mix was brought to Helping Hands Humane Society with a broken femur, possibly from having been struck by a car.  He didn’t have an owner, and the rescue group needed help to cover the cost of surgery.  Because of the severe amount of damage, it was determined that amputation would be his best option.


2.7.17 Second Graders Surprised With Visit From Dog They Helped Save1


About $400 would need to be donated for the puppy, named Ryker, which means strength.  The children in Trisha Sharp’s second grade class at Shawnee Heights Elementary School saw a post made by HHHS and decided they wanted to help.  So when they went home, they emptied their piggy banks and asked family members to donate, and the next day, Ms. Sharp brought $450 to the rescue group.

Needless to say, they were flabbergasted by the compassionate kids’ generosity, and Ryker was able to have his surgery.  The class made him get well soon cards, and he did indeed recover quickly.  At his foster family’s home he played with lots of toys, and made friends with their dogs and cat.


2.7.17 Second Graders Surprised With Visit From Dog They Helped Save4


A few days ago, the kids were sweetly surprised with a visit from the dog they helped save.  They each received a personalized thank you card from Ryker, signed with a paw print.  They had been worried about him when they first saw the plea to help him, and were very excited to see him in person and doing so well.

Many people fell in love with this cutie, so a special adoption committee was formed to meet with and review potential adopters on February 6th.  Hopefully Ryker will be on his way to his new home soon.  And because he has already been through so much, but seems to get along with everyone, he might make an excellent therapy dog someday.


2.7.17 Second Graders Surprised With Visit From Dog They Helped Save3