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Security Guard Reports Dog Walker Abusing Dog

by Katherine

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Johnathon Stenholt, a Chicago dog walker, was charged with animal cruelty after he was caught on camera kicking one of his clients’ dog.

Stenhold was riding the elevator of an apartment building in the 100-block of N. Des Plaines on May 26, when the elevator’s camera caught him kicking a¬†harmless beagle.

Johnathon Stenholt moments before abusing one of clients' dog.
Johnathon Stenholt moments before abusing one of clients’ dog.

In the video posted on Youtube, it is obvious how the pet cowers in fear while riding the elevator with the abusers. Stenhold first steps on the beagle’s front paw and the video shows the dog in unimaginable pain. The pet tries to free his paw from underneath the abuser’s shoe. Seconds later the dog walker violently kicks the dog on his stomach.

The building’s security team caught the abuse on camera and immediately reported it to police. Now the animal abuser is under investigation and has been banned from stepping into the building.