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Senior Abandoned in Field With Note: “Sorry … But I Don’t Need A Dog.”

by Amy Drew

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5.2.17 Tessa1


If it wasn’t bad enough that 12-year-old Tessa’s owner left her behind after moving from England to Canada, she left the sweet girl in the hands of someone who certainly wasn’t equipped to care for her — or even bring her to a proper shelter when that became apparent.

The senior was found by South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance and per their Facebook post, was abandoned in a field with a note and a few supplies.

She was confused, the staffers found, but otherwise friendly, when they got her around dawn.


5.2.17 Tessa


“(Tessa) is not my dog. My neighbor told me that Tessa is chipped. My neighbor asked me if I would take charge of Tessa. As my neighbor has planned herself a new life in (Canada.) Reluctantly I said yes (but) I did know I will not keep Tessa,” the note reads.

After a less-than-perfect start at a new life, though, Tessa is now safe in the hands of the rescue. She was given a “some warm rice pudding for her breakfast, and chicken for dinner” and has been transferred to a nearby Dogs Trust where they will find her a new forever family. She appears healthy and should be up for adoption soon.

To our dog-loving friends across the pond: if you’re nearby and looking for a new friend to love, perhaps Tessa is the dog for you! 🙂