Senior Dog Who Saved Family from Fire Gets Dumped at Kennel

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12.7.14 - Senior Dog Who Saved Family from Fire Gets Dumped at Shelter4


In his youth, Bennie saved his family from a house fire.  Then at 10, he found himself abandoned at a boarding facility and shuffled to a rescue group.   At first he was sad and confused, but now he has a reason to smile again – he’s getting a new home!

According to the Daily Mail, the chocolate Lab had to be surrendered because his owners had a child who Bennie did not get along with.  Soon he was rescued by Toronto-based Canine Haven.

“He was surrendered to a boarding facility in Toronto.  Luckily my sister works there and she reached out to me since I run Canine Haven,” said Tarah Motuzas.

Bennie’s story was shared with their fans, many of whom had harsh words for his former family.  But because Bennie had been at the kennel before, Motuzas saw the positive side of the situation:


12.7.14 - Senior Dog Who Saved Family from Fire Gets Dumped at Shelter2


“I think surrendering him to a place where he knows people and is comfortable was the best they could’ve done for him.  It’s better than a shelter.”

However, she followed up with a reminder that it is up to owners to provide for their pets.

“These are our companions – we are supposed to look after them, care for them, and keep them out of harm’s way.”

Applications for Bennie flew in, but it was discovered that he was not good around cats or other dogs, so he would require a quiet home with no pets or small children.  Soon – possibly by the end of the day – Bennie will be going to his brand new home!


12.7.14 - Senior Dog Who Saved Family from Fire Gets Dumped at Shelter5

Bennie enjoying a snack.

0 thoughts on “Senior Dog Who Saved Family from Fire Gets Dumped at Kennel”

      • They should’ve trained the child and kept the dog. Talk about no loyalty! This dog saved their lives!!!

          • I disagree with training. I trained my senior German Shepherd to go to my bedroom when he had enough of my grandson and my grandson was trained to stay out of my bedroom because that was my domain.

            Any animal and/or child can learn.

          • Sentimental idiots. The dog barking alerted them to the fire. Most dogs do that. This doesn’t mean it should get to snack on the baby.

        • exactly. he saves their lives and the dump him like a piece of trash when they get a baby. don’t put the baby on the floor when the dog is there. millions of people have babies and dogs and do this! this should be illegal. it’s abandonment.

        • Fact is, most dogs will learn to like anyone who fills the food bowl so why you think this dog is getting horribly mistreated by going to another home is a real mystery.

      • *It says child not baby.An older dog will “teach” young children.Some parents can’t handle it,some kids aren’t taught to respect pets and adults think it’s cute when they roll all over them.AIf you aren’t going to socialize your dog you better make sure you can keep him or her!

    • The dog was abandoned because it wouldn’t get along with his owners child! DX How would the owners like it if they were the dog and they went to an adoption center! Probably not so much! You have to think like a dog! Mmmm… Bacon Bits!

    • I guess your reading comprehension is below that of a 2nd grader…it said clearly in the article why the dog was *surrendered* not abandoned…

    • Lets assume that this dog is really a family member on par with another human being. Now suppose you had a relative or good friend that saved your family from a fire. Fast forward 10 years. You have a baby and this relative/friend threatens the baby in some manner. How much would you care if he saved your bacon 10 years ago? If you were smart you would never have contact with him again and any talk about him “deserving the best” for what he did for you would be trumped by your concern for your child’s safety. This is a dog. He will adjust to another family just fine. These articles are pure drivel.

  1. My guess is the family had a baby. No time or money to provide for the dog. Common and sad. But of course, twisting it that the dog doesn’t get along with children…well, if the dog rarely had exposure to children and other animals, that could be a good reason. But instead of training and working with the animal, they opt to dispose of him onto someone else.

    • Yes, because having a baby doesn’t take any of your time or cost any money and of course they should have psychically known the dog wouldn’t like the baby. Oh and since when is giving him to people who know him and know the family and agreed to help them find a home for him ‘disposing of him’?

          • If you don’t know anything about dogs you should just shut up. No one wants to hear an ignorant opinion. And if you do think you know about dogs, well, you don’t. Go learn, and take your time, and get good teachers.

      • Are you kidding? Do you mean to say that after having an animal for 10 years, dumping him at a shelter is not “disposing” of him? There were plenty of things the owners could have done to keep him baby safe. Geez, that’s what’s wrong with society—just throw away a living, breathing, feeling being simply because it no longer fits-in.

        • If you had bothered to read the article you would have known he was NOT ‘dumped at a shelter’. They went to HIS kennel, where they know him and he knows them, and asked for their help RE HOMING him. The problem with society is people jumping in to get their say without bothering to know or use the facts.

          • “If you had bothered to read the article you would have known he was NOT ‘dumped at a shelter’. They went to HIS kennel, where they know him and he knows them, and asked for their help RE HOMING him. The problem with society is people jumping in to get their say without bothering to know or use the facts.”
            This article NEVER said what you are saying….sooooo….you IDIOT!!!
            GO PLAY IN THE TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ummm…no, they did not ASK for help rehoming him, they LEFT HIM AT THE BOARDING FACILITY/KENNEL and the responsibility for the care of the dog and finding a new home was dumped on the kennel staff.

            His owners relieved themselves of a dog that saved their lives because they didn’t want to take the time to ensure the dog and child were safe together. If they had pulled their heads out of their lazy asses they would have been able to keep the dog, but they took the easy route.

            Wold have been more humane to take the dog to the vet and euthanize him instead of dumping him ANYWHERE. Abandon your 10 year old family pet at a kennel where people know him is a good way to make yourself feel better, but according to the article, the dog certainly didn’t feel that way! I hope his former family has no problems sleeping at night…wait, I’m sure they have no problems sleeping at night, they don’t have an aging dog to worry about.

            I’m sure at 10 years old the dog probably has arthritis and is a little painful – why not relieve his pain – then I’m sure it’d be easier to teach the child how to interact with the dog, and vice versa!

          • Some one said “good because he could devour your baby”? LOL That is someone who never had a dog or child. and to tell someone to go play in traffice because you don;’t agree is stupid. Now if you hurt a dog or child I would tell that person to play on a California Freeway during rush hour. A beautiful dog of 10 who saved lives, got dumped at a shelter because they couldn’t teach the child or the dog to act right. You can teach an old dog new tricks. They didn’t give Bennie a chance. If it weren’t for him there would be no them, no baby. He was discarded. The article said sad. WEll GGG lets think, you are a 10yr old child and because you didn’t like a family member you get put up for adoption. Animals have feelings and just because they can’t say them, doesn’t mean they dont have them. Babies can’t say either, but they have them. The previous owners are ignorant. I guess next time if they have a house fire Bennie wont be there to save them or their baby

        • I totally agree with you
          i would make sure they did not get together but if it was not for that dog there WOULD BE NO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


        • That’s what happens in our society when parents get old. They are neglected and left for strangers to take care of them.

      • Since when does it not take time and money to take care of a baby? And you don’t know if a dog will like the new addition.

    • Dogs get rehomed all the time. If they couldn’t adjust, nobody could adopt one from the animal shelter. Quit calling this a fate worse than death.

  2. You got that right, Anonymous. That’s the thanks Bennie gets for saving their lives.. If it weren’t for that brave dog, that family probably wouldn’t be alive, nor would they have been able to have a child. I hope Bennie is treated like royalty for the rest of his days!

  3. It breaks my heart to see this beautiful older dog put it this position. I have a 15 1/2 year old mini Schnauzer that has good day and bad but I would hate to have to give her up. She has been my companion for so long I could never see her with anyone else. I have to watch her closely for when her arhritis starts giving her pain. I give her 1/2 of a baby aspirin. Then at meal time I give her supplements for her Joints in her special heptic dog food. I know someone else could take care of her but not as well as I do because I know her so well. I loved her as a puppy and I love her as a senior. She has been the sweetest dog I have ever had. I love her so much. She is my little Angel.

  4. Dog didnot get allowed bet kid was obnoxious and terrozedthe dog so he growled n acted unfortunately dog got boot.

  5. Hope that Bennie gets spoilt rotten for the rest of his life. I would be proud to have a dog like him.


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