We Thought He Was a Deer…

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12.6.14 - We Thought He Was a Deer...


From The Animal Rescue Site:

In 2011, my family and I were driving on a lonesome country road when we saw what we at first thought was a deer running along the side of the road. As we got closer, we realized it was actually a very skinny, obviously lost purebred Vizsla.

Ever the concerned animal lover, my hubby pulled over to check him out. He appeared friendly, so my husband opened up the trunk to get a bottle of water out he knew was back there, as the dog looked very thirsty. The second he opened the trunk, in hopped the dog and cemented himself in there as if to say, “You are NOT leaving without me!”

He wouldn’t drink or eat and that road would eventually be his death, so Todd carried him to the front seat of our classic T-Bird and we took him home. We posted “found” posters everywhere and waited for someone to call to claim him. No one called.

We decided to name him Rusty and began the process of turning him from ultra-skinny to fit and healthy. He got along very well with our other dogs and velcroed himself to me, the first person to comfort him in the car after his scary experience.

We are always perplexed how this purebred hunting dog became lost, but we discovered he is gun shy, which is not ideal for a hunter. Thankfully, he need not worry about that anymore, as he can just be our loving, happy, healthy pet.

Minden, NE


The Animal Rescue Site sells lots of animal-themed merchandise and pet products, and for every item they sell – be it a shirt, sneakers, purse, coffee mug, Kong toy – food is donated to shelter animals.