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Service Dog Carries Oxygen Tanks for Little Girl

by Fred

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Alida and her dog Mr. Gibbs are more than just best friends.  Mr. Gibbs provides a rather unique service for her.  He is specially trained to be able to carry life saving oxygen for Alida, whom as an infant was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Call Hyperplasia or NEI.

If you ever have had a chance to see the two of them together, you would immediately notice the strength of their bond and devotion to each other.  Just to be able to play outside requires Mr. Gibbs to be there at all times with the oxygen.

Alida may have been diagnosed with NEI, but she hasn’t let it slow her down.  Over the past three years alone she’s accomplished quite a lot, and all of it with a little bit of help from Mr. Gibbs.  She’s participated in cheer leading this past fall, she’s preparing a ballet recital in May and has started attending kindergarten.  Her father says that she’s as active as any other little kids.  She just gets by with a little help from her friend, Mr. Gibbs.

4.9.15 - Alida and Mr. Gibbs 1