Service Dog Owner Alleges Assault By Gas Station Manager

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An Ohio man with visual and hearing impairments allegedly was threatened and assaulted in a gas station last May, and has filed a legal complaint listing seven counts, including a violation of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

10 thoughts on “Service Dog Owner Alleges Assault By Gas Station Manager”

  1. I hope that he wins this suit. Other people who come to this country and think that they can apply their own rules and cultures here need to be educated. If they don’t like our rules then they should go back to their own country. A lot of other cultures don’t like dogs and they treat animals with little regard. We here in America have found that animals are important in our lives as helpers and friends. I hope that the man wins his suit and it causes others to behave and to accept service animals.

  2. Tracey, why are you assuming that this is an immigrant problem? Unfortunately there are plenty of people born in the United States who don’t understand the rules about service dogs. I think you’re putting an intolerant spin on this story that really isn’t justified.

    • If you read other comments you will see that a lot of people think that this is a culture related issue. One of the persons commenting is pointing out that “95% of the problems” that she has encountered has been with “foriegn- born store-owners”. I do wish that more people understood the rules for service animals. I have also encountered people from other cultures who still think that black cats are evil and black dogs have the devil in them. When I lived on the border I could not get over how many people from another country were still living with ignorant superstitions. They were very cruel to those poor animals. I hope that more people will start to see animals as living beings and not use them as an excuse to be cruel because of their own shortcomings. I still want this man to win his suit and I hope that it helps others.

      • Tracey I agree with you completely. I have worked in horse rescue and can tell you that certain things that are done to horses (extreme abuse) are definitely “cultural” in nature and sometimes law enforcement even lets that extreme abuse go uninvestigated – and if investigated and arrests made, prosecutors and judges allow it to go unpunished – because it is “cultural.” I believe this is WRONG.

        People take political correctness waaaaay too far, IMO “Xtreme” PC equals no relief for animals OR HUMANS made to suffer because of cultural traditions that weren’t parked at the border.

        Others who come to THIS country presumably willingly and in search of what they may believe would be a better life – they need to honor OUR laws and traditions and not act like invading mini-armies demanding that WE bow to them and allow them to impose their cruelties and abuses on US.

        And if you really want to scare yourselves – overly-PC peeps please pay attention because conceivably this could affect YOU TOO – there is an increasing infiltration of a certain type of “law” that is actually finding its way into US courts which has nothing whatsoever to do with the traditional US/British rule of law including basic human rights, constitutional protections, due process and equal protection under the law – all concepts previously honored and (mostly) practiced in this country. This ancient type of law that is creeping onto our shores and even showing up in US courts where judges are too PC / too sympathetic to other cultures’ loathsome practices – is law practiced in countries where women are punished by death for being rape victims, where followers of a certain religion kill those they consider the “infidel” in order to themselves be admitted to heaven, where those who wish to leave an abusive spouse are themselves abused either physically, financially or both.

        If anyone doubts please apply your favorite search engine and research and read up on the invasion of sharia (aka sheria and other spellings) law as it is now appearing in US courts. Currently there is legislation pending in at least five states specifically aimed at prohibiting judges from using sharia law in US courts. There is also a case headed for the NY appellate system because a judge imposed sharia law in a divorce and custody case.

        • I only hope that America wakes up. The political correctness needs to stop and common sense needs to come back. It is kind of scary.

          • Well, Tracey, IMHO America seems to have become the poster child for the death of common sense. Just sayin’.

  3. Twice in the last few years a woman in Toronto was refused service in a gas station kiosk as well as a ride in a taxi. She was with her seeing-eye dog.
    Both refusals were from “new Canadians”. She won her suit against the cab driver and an apology from the (national) gas station.
    Good for her! what personal strength.
    oh-she travels the world as a paralympic swimmer.

  4. Let me just say that America is pretty ignorant on the laws! That includes the govt., businesses, and majority American People. I had my arm amputated a few years ago due to an accident. I had my puppy then trained to be my service dog, we already had a bond before my accident. I had a police officer tell me that we could not go into the store because handicapped meant for people with wheel chairs! Are you kidding me? Then why is the word Hand in Handicapped?
    When I needed to move and rent a new place, the landlords said no pets! A service dog is not a pet! Unless you have a service dog, then honestly majority of Everybody has no idea! America or not!

  5. Thanks Ginger for the info and the link, I always wondered how the ADA came about. The only thing I personally would like to see changed about the Americans with Disabilities Act is the part about how substance abusers can claim they are disabled when it gains them an economic advantage. My former spouse claimed he could no longer practice law (he’d had a thriving practice despite his binge drinking at home) due to his “disability called alcoholism” and he thereby got the court to award him approximately 85 percent of community assets accumulated in our long-term marriage where I also was employed full-time outside the home. Thereafter claiming ongoing disability he was able to get even my 15% award reduced to 5% by manipulating the court system claiming he could no longer work due to his “disability.” But as soon as he paid my 5% award he went back to practicing law by becoming a lateral-in partner in a large Washington firm. Turns out he also had secreted away over a million in cash offshore as well. Yes there are crooks and lawyers and crooked lawyers everywhere but what dismayed me deeply was the fact that the divorce judge wholeheartedly bought into his claim of disability due to alcoholism which was now the law under the Americans with Disabilities Act!


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